EVOLVE Big Alpha Impressions - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes - "Thanks to the alpha I now know that this mode is something that will quickly dissipate into obscurity for me, and will have little bearing on whether or not I purchase Evolve in the future. Evolve is on the back burner with me now and has everything to prove, with other modes and play types coming in the full release I am left wondering if this will be another hyped up waste of time. Sure it will be a novelty for a few hours, but putting £50 into a novelty these days is wearing thin with many gamers as they struggle to pay their bills in this economy. On the one hand I thank 2K Games and Turtle Rock for the alpha and giving players a chance to experience their game, on the other hand I am left completely disappointed and lost as to where Evolve is going or what it will have to offer in the way of real value. This is one gamer that is truly on the fence about Evolve."

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