Football Manager 2015 Review | Part 1 - Off the Pitch (Dealspwn)

Dealspwn: "The review embargo is up for Football Manager 2015, but I don't feel I can give it a score, and I'd advise you take most of the other "reviews" that have currently been published without any sort of disclaimer with a fat pinch of salt. FM15 is still in beta at the time of writing, hence the calamitous goalkeeping described above, and thus the game that will be out on the 7th may well have tweaks and fixes that today's doesn't. Given that it's not actually out yet, we'll be scoring the game at launch.

That said, here are a few things things to note ahead of part two of my review later this week."

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Blues Cowboy1387d ago

Hmm, weird how many other sites aren't mentioning how buggy the game is and that it's in beta.