#GamerGate: IGN’s Disclosure, Code Of Ethics Public Policy Coming Soon

One Angry Gamer "One of the big issues currently at the forefront of the demands from consumers pushing the #GamerGate revolt is that the people who gate-keep information for the publishers should have publicly available disclosure policies and an easily identifiable code of ethics in place. In this regard, whenever something that seems shady or comes across as a potential conflict of interest, readers have a clear understanding of what’s going on and what lines may have been crossed. IGN has heard the pleas of the many and they will concede to this request."

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-Foxtrot1354d ago

"Thanks again for checking in and know that ethics and professionalism is something that we take very seriously at IGN"

Yeah I'm sure you do

On a serious note note, do IGN really want to get involved in this...I mean lets be honest despite not having full on proof I bet all of us here can think of one time they've done a review or even an article which comes off a know, shady.

I thought the reason they've stayed out of the major GG controversy is because deep down they knew they were guilty of it. Maybe they've used this time to try and secure any little bits of evidence which puts them in the shit.

Nice they are doing this but I can't believe for a second they are clean.

WilliamUsher1354d ago

I think you answered your observation.

We all know IGN has some dirty crap to hide, but there's no hard proof of it. IGN, in an attempt to either avoid Operation Disrespectful Nod or to prevent the diggers from digging, have simply said they'll consent to the demands of making their code of ethics and disclosure policies public.

One-Shot1354d ago

Lol we do?

I love your 'I have no proof at all but I know there is dirty crap going on'.

It's a video game website man, not a hardcore news operation.

Baka-akaB1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Like it or not , there have always been shady stuff and deals with IGN and reviews . I remember way back in 2008 , when IGN was giving 9.2 to PES 2008 for both the ps3 and 360 .

Among many problems well they were a sponsor for it ,and the game was a buggy POS . The game didnt even work in hd with many HDTV set of the era , especially some models IGN owned . It was a crash fest too .

The game had glaring framerate issues , especially on PS3 at the time . But obviously they just copypasted the 360 review for the ps3 version .

They reviewed an online that wasnt even up yet , and didnt work well at all anyway .

And many tiny other issues . Of course people complained , and instead of acknowledging their "mistake" , they just stealth edited the score down to 8.4 and 8.6 .

It's also a place where the staff can seldom decide to rant for one page about how they hate a serie of games in a review , instead of giving any info about said game from the review , and get away with it because it's very niche and obscure for most of their readership (Gundam musou )

It's very old , grand , and since people were fired , hired , left , joined , but with other similar cases and worse over years , it's IGN in a nutshell .

So yeah i'm smiling and smirking about their pretense ethos code

Moe-Gunz1354d ago

"It's a video game website man, not a hardcore news operation."

You guys act like video games isn't a multi-billion dollar business and gaming journalist/websites don't affect the business. Several people's jobs depend on this and these "journalist" dictate what we the gaming community have access to.

This isn't any different from corrupt movie critics.

viperman2401354d ago

Of course they do, thats why they disclosed how they reviewed the latest CoD /s

When will these sites start being held accountable for not disclosing this sort of info. It is against FCC guidelines not to disclose how the reviewer reviewed the game, be it they got flown out somewhere, went to a 5 star hotel got wined and dined or hell even the fact of receiving a free copy, all of that needs to be disclosed.

younglj011354d ago

MAG is all I need too say about IGN....

rainslacker1354d ago

In all of this, what was done in the past may have to be let go in favor of hoping that the future ethics policy holds up.

It is worth holding them accountable for any bad things they may have done in the past, but going forward, once the ethics policy is actually made public, then they should be held accountable to that, and all prior acts should not be an issue for GG'ers to go out and criticize the site.

The last thing that the GG movement needs is to have the mentality of "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" because lets face it, with almost every site out there, we could probably find something to criticize them on.

Just accept that this is a good thing for the movement, as it means that the message is getting out there. If IGN, or others, fail to live up to the ethics policy in the future, then they can be called out on that on a case by case basis, and that's really the way it should be.

This is the kind of change that GG is hoping to achieve. It's a starting point, and if they are willing to accept and comply to their audience, then there is hope for positive change in the future.

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mandf1354d ago

Progress at last. I can't wait to see changes for the better.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1354d ago

And people said GG is dying? I'd argue it's making some MASSIVE progress already. Only two months in too.

Benjammin251354d ago

That's right IGN. Try to make us all think you're legit. While Activision is wining and dining you and paying for your stay at a posh hotel.
Bloody disgrace.

Game0N1354d ago

Do not trust IGN, be smart gamers.

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