Sunset Overdrive: How Insomniac got its groove back | Snackbar Games

REVIEW: Sunset Overdrive, the latest from developer Insomniac Games, is "a relentlessly enjoyable experience."

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qwerty6761264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

very surprise at the reviews for this game

it didn't look to good in the previews in my opinion leading up to release.

and im sure there were many ps4 fans hoping this would flop.

Foehammer1264d ago

The same trolls will be upset when thy see it's #1 on the UK single format chart

Great game

Great launch

Well done Insomniac

captainexplosion1264d ago

This game is amazing and it has already cemented a spot in my all time top 20.

ScorpiusX1264d ago

Am loving this game , still have not gone online yet that how much fun single player is .