GTA V Next-Gen Previews, Info and Footage Coming Tomorrow 5PM GMT

New-gen #GTAV reveals @IGN tomorrow 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm GMT with exclusive gameplay footage, interviews & new info.

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Herbert11386d ago

Yes but do i get it on xbox one or PS4 ?

WeAreLegion1386d ago

Which one are your friends getting it on?

GarrusVakarian1386d ago

GTA V is best played with friends. So get it on the console that your friends are getting in for.

tlougotg1386d ago

Man! i was hell bent on not getting this but all rumors are pointing to the fact that Rockstar put alot of love in this next gen version and itll e worth it to get it on ps4 or Xbone! Damn im going to have to buy it, i cant help myself smh.

mooseo211386d ago

Held off on getting this last year due to the new systems coming out. So glad I did! Now I get to experience it for the first time on a current gen console! #pumped

SoapShoes1386d ago

Same here, I didn't get it on PS3 and after the new systems came out I decided to wait in case it got released on the PS4. Wait totally worth it.

angelsx1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

WoW Can't wait
Xbone 1360p Dynamic resolution lol

Malphite1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

You just failed hard.

On topic: I'm going to get the PS4 version for the campaign and online for now cause the PC version isn't coming out at the same time as the PS4/X1 versions. I might get the PC version for mods later though.

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Plagasx1386d ago

Damn, I wish the PC version was coming out at the same time as the consoles...

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