Phil Spencer teases more details about future Microsoft gaming endeavors for PC coming in 2015.

Microsoft's gaming boss, Phil Spencer, wants to show gamers how Microsoft being both the Windows company and the Xbox company can be a real win for them. He isn't talking about specifics yet (those details are coming in 2015, he says), though he stresses that he's committed to PC gaming.

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Plagasx1384d ago

Then bring Halo 3 and 4 to PC please.

pwnsause_returns1384d ago

bring MCC to PC once they reap the benefits of bringing it to x1

radler1384d ago

Seems like easy money. The Forza franchise would sell a lot on PC as well, it's honestly surprising that Microsoft has neglected the PC market for so long. It's like Nintendo refusing to release any games for the WiU because they think it would interfere with 3DS sales. They own both platforms, might as well make the best of them.


I just find it funny that all of the PC master race guys beg/ask for console games. It's a shame that the masterful PC doesn't have many big AAA exclusives.

decrypt1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

This can only be bad news for PC gaming.


Because their intentions which are led by corporate greed never change. Its a constant lol.

They started of by trying to pull the pay to go online crap with PC gamers, goes without saying they failed badly.

It was MS that caused the crappy trend of DLCs to get active. With games that support no MODs. Instead they started the trend to pay for stuff like maps, weapons, skins etc everthing which was once free and made by modders is now charged.

As of late MS along with Sony are responsible for pushing devs to limit PC games to 30fps just so the consoles dont look too bad.

When MS talks about gaming, they would rather have people gaming on the Xbox brand. PC at MS is seen as a work machine nothing more. Nothing good can come out of MS when it comes to PC gaming.

Dudebro901384d ago

How can Microsoft improve if all you and other people do is crap all over anything they say?

Seems like you have an agenda.

SteamPowered1384d ago

Come on guy, what has MS done for PC gaming lately? Windows 10 and Direct X12 arent for a while yet. What bout some games in the meantime? Maybe, I dunno, Halo for PC? Or another MS offering.

shloobmm31384d ago

Microsoft doesnt need to release pc games to have an impact on pc gaming.

Seafort1384d ago

We don't have an agenda but they do.

G4WL and trying to charge for it. Shutting down most of the PC dev studios they owned and not supporting PC gaming for the last 10-15 years because of the Xbox platform.

I personally hope Microsoft stay well away from PC gaming as they are nothing but bad news when they have been interested in it.

Dudebro901384d ago

My point still stands.

I'm not defending Microsoft, but I'm not gonna sit here and talk crap anytime any gaming company says/does something.

Companies change over times. New ideas and new people come into an industry and make changes.

Microsoft has already had big Change with the new CEO Nedella, and Spencer as head of Xbox has already done more for the brand than Mattrick did the entire last 3 years of his career at Xbox.

If all you are gonna do is blow off anything they say, then why do you even care what they say?

I'm not saying praise Microsoft, but quit having an agenda that scrutinizes anything they say. It doesn't help anybody.

Pogmathoin1384d ago

MS should never be trusted.... Imagine if they were hacked and had peoples credit card information stolen, and they said nothing for a month. Thats just so untrustworthy. Keep MS away!

Seafort1384d ago

Microsoft hasn't changed at all over the years they just transferred their corporate greed over to the Xbox platform instead of the PC platform.

That's the way I'd like it to stay.

I don't care what they say but I won't stay silent if they have an agenda of coming back to PC gaming and wanting to ruin it again.

PC gaming is just getting back on it's feet again and as an avid PC gamer I don't want their scrawny paws near the platform I love to game on.

You do realise they say stuff like "PC gaming is sooo important to us" every fking year and guess what they don't do fk all about it.

Case in point they won't bring Halo Collection to PC as they want to keep it Xbox exclusive. That's how much they care about PC platform. Sweet FA.

radler1384d ago

I think Spencer just wants to push games onto Steam really, rather than pulling any GFWL-ish nonsense again. If that's the case, I'd welcome MS games onto Steam.

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SteamPowered1384d ago

Microsoft cares so much about PC gaming that they cant even talk about it till 2015....
Lots of talk while saying nothing.

Razputin1384d ago

Give us a Windows 10 Gamers Edition.

DX12 out the box. None of their BS bloatware and spyware and especially no IE10/11/12 w/e it will be by then.

Give us the back catalog of all your Xbox/Xbox360/Xbox One games that you know should be on PC.

Then I will be happy.

Deividas1384d ago

Bring DX12 and a lot of windows Gaming support and you can bring in a lot of support from the PC gaming community. Nothing wrong with that, I would really like Microsoft to get a good grip on PC gaming and bring some Xbox games over to the PC.

Now just deliver...

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