World Of Speed Preview - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes - "Another game coming from the stable of ‘free to play’ titles is World Of Speed, a racing game under development by Slightly Mad Studios, the same developers that are currently developing Project Cars. We have all played racing games through the years and they remain a firm favourite among the gaming community, and ‘free to play’ racing games offer little in the way of satisfaction to the connoisseurs among us. Many of them are just point to point racers with no customisations, little in the way of objectives and even less choice in the way of cars. World Of Speed is looking to change all that, and bring gamers a true racing game that fans of the genre will be drooling over, while newcomers won’t believe it’s free. We were able to get some playtime with World Of Speed recently and were able to test out a number of cars over a track based in Russia. World Of Speed is continually announcing and adding new cars to be featured in the game and as I was told, will continue to evolve the experience for players around the world by bringing them more iconic cars and tracks."

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