How Far Cry 4 shows off Ubisoft’s desire to add more gameplay to everything

Gamers shouldn’t expect to see features added to Far Cry 4 that Ubisoft couldn’t find some way to add new gameplay mechanics to the game. The developer believes that everything they include should give fans the opportunity to have another interactive experience. In a conversation with Dan Hay, the executive producer of Far Cry 4 revealed that if Ubisoft isn’t constantly trying to find ways to add more gameplay into the title then, “we’re not doing our jobs right.”

Hay explained that before the developer would add anything to Far Cry 4, the team first made sure that its inclusion actually provided some kind of actually new gameplay for the player because they wanted to minimize the non-interactive elements of the upcoming title. Ubisoft’s hope is for everything within the game to have some purpose that compliments actual gameplay.

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ZombieKiller1380d ago

I'm really looking forward to Far Cry 4. I got the platinum trophy on 3 because I liked it so much and the ONLY thing I could have asked for to make the game better is co-op....

Oh wait, there's co-op?! SOLD!

....and is it me, or does the multiplayer in this game look awesome?! I love a good attempt at asymmetrical gameplay. Hopefully it's balanced well.

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Father__Merrin1380d ago

really looking forward for FC4 on PS4

vikingland11380d ago

Sooo many good games on the 18th of November. I have 3 games prepaid for November all digital DL too. Plus I just got LoTF.