Microsoft Trademarks “Kalimba;” Is a New Game Coming?

Microsoft recently filed for the registration of the trademark “Kalimba” under the games and online games classes.

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ivnheim1267d ago

Is it about a raping mexican pop star?

Because that happened in Mexico with some shithead named Kalimba

scark921267d ago

That is.. Microsoft made a bad choice :O

oSHINSAo1267d ago

Shabadabada, Shabadaba i hate that pop singer ¬¬

Volkama1267d ago

Like, "rapping"? A popstar that raps? Or actually a raping pop star?

I'm not sure either one would make great material for a game.

ivnheim1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

He was accused of raping a teen fan of his music

equal_youth1267d ago

Sounds a little like another rhythm game :D something with drums involved.
But seriously i am curious what ms has in store for us in the next years.

Sonital1267d ago

Agreed, I saw the name and thought "Kinect title".

oSHINSAo1267d ago

Kalimba starts with K of Kazoie... or conKer :3

Ryan7411267d ago

I'd like that, fond memories from the first game.

Torque_CS_Lewith1267d ago

K is 3 letters ahead of H. . .
Half Life 3 confirmed!

halfblackcanadian1267d ago

I'm just excited for new IP (hopefully it's sustainable)

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