Jimquisition: The 100% Objective Review

This video is good. Unless you think it's bad. Then it's bad.

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catch1385d ago

This video is objectively fantastic.

cl19831385d ago

This video is a video.

MoveTheGlow1385d ago

Actually, it's about ethics in GRPG journalism ;)

Ranma11385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

After many years of being absent from commenting on this comment board. I decided to comment on this comment board... just to say that this is the worst Final Fantasy game I ever played.

Amuro1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

what do you think of what has been shown of FFXV? I think it's going in the right direction. Although I'm not a fan of the main characters because they look like a boy band or Japanese pop singer idols.

Ranma11385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I once was the opinion that the FF battle system should go back to how FF1-10 was i.e turn based ATB, in order for the series to be successful again. And I always thought, "Dont fix it, if it isnt broken".

But Now I understand most people probably would prefer action rpgs over turn based ones, especially since the battle system is more exciting and engaging.

So I think the action rpg direction is now the right choice.

I think FF will rise again after they get the story and battle system right.

Amuro1385d ago

this Jim Sterling guy really annoys the hell out of me. He always take thing to the extreme to prove his own biased point.

Before he even published his FFXIII review he was already trashing the game and even admitted that he didn't even play half of it. That's what people were complaining about.

And I'm not defending FFXIII in any way, I freaking hate that game and all its sequels but what Jim Sterling did was very unprofessional. And here we are years later and Jim's still trying to use the same flawed rhetoric to convince people of his mad views.

cleft51385d ago

Yeah I am not really a fan of this guy either and I don't like the call for objective reviews being belittle in this fashion. There actually did use to be objective reviews before reviewers started taking money from every other influencing source like it was no big deal and turning their reviews into a place for their political agendas. I didn't mind FF13, but I get why people don't like it. However, there where a lot lies told about FF13 because reviewers never bothered to complete the damn game. If you don't like something that is fine, but be upfront about the fact that you didn't finish the whole game and don't try to hide it. I don't think that is asking too much.

Ghost_Nappa1385d ago

Why should someone complete a game if it isn't fun?

1384d ago
spartanlemur1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

There was an article in the Telegraph today about a Japanese whisky being named world number 1, with two bourbons taking second and third and not a single scotch in the top five. Of course this was just one guy, and critics rightly pointed out that maybe he just had a thing for bourbon. Perhaps the Japanese whisky is the best, but without some form of formal objective methodology to prove it, his word is meaningless.

The point is that we all have our own tastes in everything, but when it comes down to rating things for a diverse range of people to be able to have faith in, you have to use some level of objectivity underlined by a broader sensibility.

There are easily rateable things such as music quality, visuals, gameplay innovation, gameplay depth, learning curve (tradeoff with depth here) and the sophistication of the writing (even if plotlines are "predictable" or "morally flawed" they can have a good script and be well-written. People can give their personal opinion, but this should not factor hugely into the final score and shouldn't dominate the analysis. I hate MMOs, but I'm pretty sure I'd be able to effectively rate some better than others by comparing certain objective features of the game.

Jim Sterling is being childish here. A little maturity and respect for other opinions is all that is asked for when reviewing games.

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