The Unbalanced Portrayal of Gender In Video Games

Georgie Catto writes: "To say that the video game industry has an unbalanced view of women is to say that nerds love Batman – there are exceptions, but you probably won’t find them at a games convention. Nowhere is this ridiculous bias illustrated more than in the depiction of clothing."

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jc485731381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Whether they dress modest or not, they still lack that characterization. Blame the writers. I get tired of dude bros, which it's not that any different.

scark921381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Dumb Article... Regardless of an unbalanced portrayal of women in video games, not all video game artists have the same mindset of you and some have visions and ideas, but to limit them ideas, limit creativity is the worst thing you could ask an artist to do... If you want to make a video game in which it shows a positive portrayal of video games, then do so, just do not spit on the hard work people spend on video games or all medians.

I doubt making Princess Peach a 'damsel in distress' was a mere attack on womens ability to look after themselves but a scenario in which Mario is the hero who wants to save her because he cares about her, in other words to show the heroic side of Mario, aka the player.

"for every Chell there’s a Cortana, for every Samus there’s a Bayonetta"
How about focusing on the positive rather than the negative, even though, specifically for Bayonetta, I do not see how she shows a negative side to women in general but a mere personality of a mature based main character.

Concertoine1381d ago

Any critic of Zelda or Peach is totally ignorant. Those are characters that are products of their times. It was rare, if not unheard of to see any developed or complex characters at that time. So it was up to developers to make something recognizable and easy to understand. "Man saves girl" is about the most recognizable thing possible.

The only exception i think is Metroid, which still lacks any character development and any story is in the manual.

TekoIie1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

"It’s estimated that almost 50% of gamers are women – women who, for the most part, find these outfits demeaning"

[Citation needed]

I do agree however that we need more diverse characters and stories.

so welcome to the club, you're 5 years late.

donwel1380d ago

"for the most part"
It's as if he's never heard of #notyourshield

annoyedgamer1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Writers can write characters however they want. Good thing women take extra care to dress modestly in real life..oh wait.

Oh and this damsel in distress thing is getting old. Last I checked all over the world women are predatorized through human trafficking and domestic violence and are damsels in distress..or are we going to shove that under the rug usual?

jc485731381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I was about to say. MOst women out there feel comfortable wearing what they wear. Designers are just using what they normally see in real life. Guys, well, they feel more comfortable having more space and air down there.

annoyedgamer1381d ago

These white knights do not have any single argument they just throw out everything in the book in an attempt to stifle creativity. Notice how the end result is always to censor and shut down any writer/producer that doesn't go with their set of rules. They never praise any game that does what they want, only attack those that do not.

JohnnyQuid62501381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Excellent article. I think it goes even deeper than just women, clothes, race, etc. Gamers will argue all day long that shitty graphics, lame storyline, and stupid AI all get in the way of a truly immersive experience.

Is it so hard to believe that some minority gamers don't want to be a White male protagonist all the time? Is it impossible to see that some women gamers might not want to be a character whose tits are jiggling around the whole time? Can it not be said that these things can ALSO get in the way of the immersive experience? I'm a Black male who doesn't do drugs, own a gun, rap, or speak with Ebonics. Maybe I don't want to be the only Black character in the game because I don't relate to this idea of what a Black male is.

Just a thought.

scark921381d ago

As an Irish lad, I would like an Irish protagonist without the typical Irish stereotype.. but we can't have everything.

Special-Agent-Milo1381d ago

Captain John 'Soap' MacTavish was Irish and he didn't act like a belligerent drunk.

telekineticmantis1381d ago

I agree with the article, but not to siut Women in any way. I hate feminists, theyve turned this society into an androgynous mess. I agree with the article because WOMEN CANT FIGHT! Especially large breasted Women, so WTF are they doing in my action games? Ex. I just got a wii u, mainly for smash, so i'm looking for some good action games, cant find any... The store clerk suggests Bayonetta 2... I say naw, i describe what i'm looking for... He says Bayonetta 2!!! I say naw... He asks why? I think about it for a second... and realize how whorrible of a protagonist Bayonetta is for an action game, she looks like a joke from a Saints Row game. I say to myself, can Women be Heroes? I think of some believable heroins, and I say... Rhonda...Rousey! She's the model architype, devs should be looking at. She's tough and beautiful at the same time, but not in the "Im trying to beautiful" type of way. Just Natural. I haven't bought a game with a Female lead since TR1 i believe... But if they start making tough sophisticated Female characters, for action games, or just atleast have a body type that fits your skillset, like Yuna FF10. Then ill appreciate the diversity. Otherwise characters like Bayonetta and the Dead or Alive girls are insulting to Male and Female gamers.

Do they think, im really gonna spend 60 bones to see big breast, HELLO I HAVE THE INTERNET, its free, and unfittingly to the stereotype, many of us can talk to real life girls, ... with skin.


RG_Dubz1381d ago

Fact: Women are the weaker sex by default.

My girlfriend will tell you the same.


Tried of all the whining.

Just be happy that there's games with a strong female protagonist and go enjoy them.

As far as how much or how little these females wear in games, I've seen less clothes on some of the girls outside.. I'm sure if you go outside ever you know what I'm talking about.

sorceror1711381d ago

Fact: 90% of the protagonists in games do things that are humanly impossible. Carrying a couple hundred pounds of gun while leaping forty feet to cling to a hundred-foot rock walls barehanded while regenerating like Wolverine.

But if they didn't have dangly bits, it'd be totally unrealistic.

sorceror1711380d ago

@RG_Dubz - Whining? No, I *like* games that let me play at doing superhuman things. Had a blast with the Infamous series.

I was just pointing out that the specific objection of 'realism' is... rather ill-conceived in this case.

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