Dell Black Friday Ad 2014 With Big Discounts To Xbox One & PS4 GTA V Bundle

Techtorial: The first black friday ad for gamers is now revealed by Dell offering big discounts to Xbox One and PS4 console bundles.

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Blackleg-sanji1230d ago

Whoa thats a great bundle gtv and the last of us for free

ABizzel11230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

What's really impressive is that the PS4 and XBO are both getting bundles this good, already and it's only coming up on Year 1. These consoles are going to be profitable for both (well I'm sure MS is selling their console at cost in the US, while Sony is making a modest profit). In the long run these consoles will both be profitable, if they're already capable of doing this type of bundle within the first year.

hades071230d ago

It's nice that Sony is making a profit with the playstation. With the recently announced loss their mobile division took, if the PS4 wasn't doing so well I would be scared the brand would be lost for good.

DougLord1230d ago

A $50 tablet processor and a 5 year old GPU means these boxes don't cost much to manufacture.

GiggMan1230d ago

Well then buy yourself one and be happy.


CerealKiller1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Last time I checked the PS4 and Xbox One didn't have either a tablet processor or a dedicated GPU so I have no idea what you are talking about.

CoryHG1230d ago

Honestly if you're looking to get a next gen console, or if you already have a ps4, it's hard to pass up grabbing this xbox one. i'm not sure if shipping is free though.