60 FPS Better than 30 as Presentations Improved - 60 FPS Gameplay demo

A gameplay video showing Xbox One and PS4 console games at 60 frames per second via the world's most popular video sharing website.

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kingtroy1268d ago

And 1080p is better than 720p what the point of this article again ?

Neonridr1268d ago

shrug.. some people on N4G like to pretend like 30 FPS is perfectly acceptable for most games. I beg to differ. 60 will always make the game smoother and better in the end. Just like how 1080p will make a game better looking than a 720p game.

We settle for 30FPS just like we settled for 720p last gen.

Ghost_Nappa1268d ago

"Settling" had nothing to do with it, the 360/ps3 weren't powerful enough to do anything other than 2d platformers at 1080p

JackVagina1268d ago

30 is acceptable and 30fps gives devs more freedom to code better graphics and effects

cpayne931267d ago

Its not so much about settling, a lot of people say that there is no real difference between the two, and now we got devs saying 30 fps is better.

I mean, a consistent 30 fps is playable but cmon people, how can anyone say its the same or better than 60?

AngelicIceDiamond1268d ago

@Troy we never had 60 frames vid before. And it looks phenomenal.

TheWackyMan1268d ago

but muh cinematic experience

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

You don't need a presentation to prove something like this. I think everyone knows this, just some want to either troll, or defend their favourite dev as they get ****** destroyed by said dev. Being a 'yes person' is becoming a past time these days...eww..

As for me, I'm trying beef up my rig so 120fps becomes my standard.

plmkoh1268d ago

*Sigh* this type of elitism is just so sad. Who comes up with standards? Only 7 years ago people were arguing if HD was even beneficial or if 16:9 could replace 16:10 which replaced 4:3. Do we just throw away games because it isn't to your 'standard'?

Ironically, your 'standards' is just being a 'yes person' to corporations trying to upsell merch because profit margins have bottom barreled on existing product lines.

Please, how about we discuss if the game is graphically acceptable qualitatively, not quantitatively. There is a reason devs feel 30fps is good enough for their vision.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1267d ago

...Are you serious? The reason why devs like 30fps is because they can allow choppier animations within the game. Here's what I propose, if a pc can HANDLE 60fps+, why not let people take advantage of that? Instead you got companies like ubisoft and bethesda who are capping the fps.

Expecting and wanting quality isn't elitism.

I love how you point fingers and say my opinion is wrong and that I'm an elitist then go on to proclaim your opinion as fact.

AgentSmithPS41267d ago

Saying "everyone" is pushing it, there are many special folks out there ;). Yeah there are trolls, apologists, some that religiously defend their dev/console of choice right or wrong, etc, and then there are those that refuse to kiss their starfish.

More important than res or fps (for me/within reason) is the quality of the game, is it fun/(balanced if MP), mostly bug free, good servers/support, not hacked up to sell DLC crap, not bloated with garbage to inflate playtime, etc.
I'd rather have 60 fps but sometimes 30 is fine for me, I even liked* BF3 on the 360 and that was something like 720p at 30. BF4 was 900p(?) at 60 and I liked* that too (* minus the bugs, bad balancing, etc, etc).

I don't care about 4k either, I want VR now, Sony's first then PC.

sandman2241268d ago

60 frames is truly what every next gen console should be the standard.

death_gun1267d ago

Can't wait to play Uncharted 4 at 60 FPS!

Rhythmattic1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

All Ratchet & Clank games got grilled for not being HD, as Isomniacs goal was FPS over Pixels.....

Oh, those times....I remember all the PS3/Insomiac hate....

Lets put this all in perspective , Yes?

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