Dragon Age Inquisition PS4 Looks Great In This Gameplay Video

Take another look at Dragon Age Inquisition PS4 in this brand new gameplay video. Bioware's latest fantasy RPG is almost here.

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Imp0ssibl31207d ago

The wait is almost over, I can't believe it!

Alexious1207d ago

Me too. I just hope that four skills won't be too few in multiplayer.

vishmarx1207d ago

if this game is half as good as da:o
its goty

bloodybutcher1207d ago

Not for me, being unemployed sucks. This will have to wait till price drop.

SINISTERGENESIS1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Sorry to hear that fella I knew that feeling as well... Best of luck though. OT I can't wait for this game, been had the deluxe version preordered. This game looks to be the rpg fix on current gen I've been waiting for... It looks to take the GOTY title away from Alien Isolation (imo)... After being disappointed with Lords of the Fallen I'm eagerly waiting...mmmmm rpg mmmmmm

StrawberryDiesel4201207d ago

Best option is to serve/food run at the finest restaurant you can find. There's always a restaurant hiring, follow the money.

Alexious1206d ago

Sorry to hear that man. It shouldn't cost too much on PC anyway.

Aurenar1207d ago

I will not believe the glorious return of BioWare until I'll play. After the disappointments of the past few years I will not be buying Inquisition on Day One.

TRD4L1fe1207d ago

ill enjoy this game for you

thekhurg1207d ago

What disappointments? Other than EA forcing them to rush Dragon Age 2 Bioware has done nothing but deliver roleplaying excellence.

Alexious1206d ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic was definitely disappointing, in some ways at least.

Aurenar1205d ago

Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars: ToR are not disappointments?

So...have fun :D

thekhurg1205d ago


Only Dragon Age 2.

Mass Effect 2 & 3 were great, and SWTOR is an amazing MMO experience. Best story of any MMO on the market.

qwerty6761207d ago

i though Microsoft has exclusive marketing rights with them?

doesnt that also apply in showing previews?

thekhurg1207d ago

I think it only extends to public showings (where people have hands on) and then it's just console exclusivity, as the PC version is also there.

Bioware has shown the PS4 version on Twitch streams and stuff before.

FITgamer1207d ago

Was going to hold off on this until after the holidays, but i don't think i have the patience.

BigPappaPump1207d ago

Preorder: Check
Edit my choices at the Keep: Check

Ready and eagerly waiting for the Inquisition. Bring it!

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