Far Cry 4 soundtrack composed by Cliff Martinez

Neil writes "Ubisoft are pulling out all the stops with Far Cry 4 and today have announced the original game soundtrack will be composed by Cliff Martinez."

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mikeboccher1386d ago

this was posted after mine and got approved, kindly add here

neil3631386d ago

Sorry dude, this one was def up first.

mikeboccher1386d ago

nope, mine was up 14 minutees first acc. to the time on site, of course i get the report now too just great

Pozzle1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

As a rule of thumb, you can see which article was posted first by the article number in the URL.
This one has the article number: 1614625
You're has the article number: 1614666

This one was posted first.

mikeboccher1386d ago

i saw that but why does mine show an earlier time then?

Blink_441386d ago

Awesome! He scores two of my favorite movies, Drive and Only God Forgives.

-Foxtrot1386d ago

You liked Only God Forgives?

Wow I've found someone else who likes it :)

e-p-ayeaH1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Good soundtracks thats for sure

oKidUKo1386d ago

I've seen Drive and I reckon this is a pretty good call by Ubi.