Top 10 PlayStation 4 exclusive games coming in 2015

The top 10 upcoming games in 2015, exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

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lelo2play1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Uncharted is easily my most expected PS4 exclusive for 2015. If Sony were smart, they would release a complete pack of Uncharted games, PS3 versions and Vita version, on the PS4. 4 games in one pack.

Marcello1382d ago

I agree but remastering the last 3 uncharted games will be very time consuming.

bouzebbal1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

where are Tearaway and Rime?
my top 3 of most anticipated games of 2015:

Zelda Wii U
Uncharted 4

gonna be insane! bring it on!

@gamepard: being in early stages of development and we know nothing abuot isn't the same thing. ND has 2 teams after Uncharted 3. One made TLoU and the other one has started U4 since that time.
U4 is coming out around november next year like all previous episodes.

breakpad1382d ago

i dont think U4 and Silent Hills will arrive in 2015 ...U4 is still in early development

JimmyDM901382d ago

@gamepard if by U4 you mean Uncharted 4, it's been in development for 3+ years.

Gamer4life8881382d ago

PS4's 2015 lineup is absolutely crazy

Inception1381d ago

Yeah. We will not see articles about PS4 lacking exclusives like this year.

bjmartynhak1382d ago

No Man's Sky? Silent Hills?

LB3 comes out this year too.
And I Don't think Uncharted 4 will be released in 2015

Emrage1381d ago

It will ND has 2 teams and 1 team worked on last of us and 1 on uncharted 3. while 1 team was working on last of us the other team was working on uncharted 4 they probaly are both working on uncharted 4 now or 1 of them is making another game so after uncharted 3 they started with uncharted 4 and that is like 3 years ago

bjmartynhak1381d ago

Please guys,

LBP3 comes this year

No Man's is not exclusive
No word on Silent Hills.

oODEADPOOLOo1381d ago

LBP3 is coming this year and the only thing I can think to add to list is Planetside 2 since its clear its not coming in 2014.

Tapani1381d ago

There is no way Uncharted 4 is coming in 2015. People here don't seem to understand how games are done. Once they hit full production, it's 2-3 years to release. Backburner pre-production can take years, but it doesn't mean the actual game was in "development". Plus, if the community starts demanding games too soon and talk about "developers being lazy", games just suffer in quality and length. Game devs are some of the hardest working people in the world. It just shows people in here don't have working experience and are shouting things without any notion of what real life is like.

BitbyDeath1381d ago

By the time it releases it would have been in development for 4 years.

Tapani1381d ago

Yes, two years for pre-production (creating tech and assets for a new hardware) and two years for full-production (art, prototyping new tech, implementing design and testing it, more hard-coding, testing, optimization and whatnot). I'm sure they already have a good roadmap. They also have a new screenwriter and a director, so implementing these to Uncharted franchise doesn't come without problems.

OB1Biker1381d ago

We should be able to find out at the PS event in December.. Gameplay for sure... Demo would make it a 2015 release for sure

GrimbleGromble1381d ago

Remastered the last of us. Use that tech on u4... Does not seem out of the question to me.

Tapani1381d ago

Sure, they can utilize some techniques, but not assets. They have to build everything from the scratch for PS4, if they want to have the same kind of impact U2 had on PS3.

It's just wishful thinking to hope for U4 in 2015. Unrealistic, childish and unintelligent.

I don't even know why I'm bothering with this, I get disagrees all the time anyway. It's like there is a tide of children's bullshit in front of me here all the time. Maybe I should find another community.

LordMaim1381d ago

There is no way Uncharted 4 is NOT coming in 2015. They're already in full promotion mode at Naughty Dog, giving interviews about it and talking about the tech. Next month they're showing it at the Playstation Experience and they'll be hyping it throughout the year. Its the same promotional schedule they had with every other Playstation title they've done.

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