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The strong attention to detail and new features add a more diversified style of play for hardcore Call of Duty fans and will ultimately be a must-own title this holiday season.

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InTheLab1354d ago

Another near perfect score for CoD on this site. Must be trying to land a spot on the next commercial.

While not as bad as Ghosts, it's certainly not near perfect. The lag alone should knock off a point or two.

venom061354d ago

ha!!! what a STUPID review score... this definitely need to be thrown out..

Matt6661353d ago

Maybe a six or seven out of ten, there could be more weapons to choose from, they could of also added new weapons and perks instead of taking a lot from previous CODs. Still can't see your body or legs when you look down (i want to feel like a person when running around, not a floating camera) the maps still could be better (like COD4 or WAW better) they should also add dynamic destruction.

Gaming247allday1354d ago

Biogamer Girl is almost just a marketing site for these corporations lol

Acquiescence1354d ago

The only site that matters.

Ace Killa 081354d ago

Felt like I read the back of the game cover. This also adds on to my point, found at the end of the review:

Game Features:
Online Multiplayer 1-16 -
'Pick 13' Multiplayer Custom Classes
Preorder Day Zero and Atlas Editions
DLC Support
Trophy/Achievement Support

No personal opinion or thought on the game. It's okay to hate something about this game or any game as it is an opinion, this just a giant feature list that someone from E3 probably scripted to promote the game.

DoggyBiscuit1354d ago

I won't judge a game til I play it but something ain't right about this score