Calgary Herald Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

By Nick Lewis

We in the hardcore gaming public have become so spoiled by the occasional fantastic video game (i.e. Call of Duty 4) that any product showing even a hint of mediocrity (i.e. Haze, Turok) is dismissed, mocked and quickly forgotten.

So for a decade-old franchise such as Metal Gear Solid to blow us away yet again after consistently raising the bar is really an achievement.

Ultimately, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a brilliant hurrah for the legendary Solid Snake and a fantastic achievement for the 44-year-old Kojima. But really, it is a coup for Sony, which has exclusive rights for it for the PlayStation 3 alone.

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Condoleezza Rice3586d ago

All these perfect MGS4 Scores!?!!??!!

clintos593586d ago

Eightytwo Perfect Scores As of Now And Updating.
1.Gamespot (US) Review: 10/10
2.IGN (US) Review: 10/10
3.Gameplayer Review: 10/10
4.Gamespot (UK) Review: 10/10
5.AceGamez Review: 10/10
6.X-Play Review: 5/5
7.ME Gamers Review: 10/10
8.Play Magazine Review: 10/10
9.Calgary Herald Review: 5/5
10.Empire Review: 5/5
11.Famitsu Review: 40/40
12.Console Monster Review: 100/100
13.LEVEL (Sweden): Review: 10/10 Review: 10/10
15.The Lone Gamer Review: 5/5
16.Sl!ceGaming Review: 10/10
17.Sci Fi Weekly Review: 10/10
18.Maxim Online Review: 5/5
19.Giant Bomb Review: 5/5
20.Thunderbolt Games Review: 10/10
21. 360-Entertainment Review: 10/10
22.BG Review: 5/5
23.Dubious Review: 100/100
24.Loot Ninja Review: 10/10
25.Eurogamer (Portugal) Review: 10/10
26.Fox News Gamers Weekly Review: 5/5
27.PSU Review: 10/10
28.PSX Extreme Review: 10/10
29.Pocket-Lint Review: 10/10
30.PST Review: 100/100
31.PlayStation Beyond Review: 10/10
32.PTOM (USA) Review: 10/10
33.Meristation Review: 10/10
34.GamePro Review: 5/5 Review: 10/10
36.PSM Italy Review: 10/10
37.UK Official Playstation Magazine Review: 10/10
38.Game Informer Review: 10/10
39.Player TV UK Review: 10/10
40.Kombo Review: 10/10
41.Rise of Games Review: 100/100
42.TheSixthAxis Review: 10/10 Review: 100/100
44.QJ.Net Review: 5/5
45.GamingAge Review: 10/10
46.Hooked Gamers Review: 10/10 Review: 10/10
48.Digital Chumps Review: 10/10 Review: 10/10
50.SCRAWL Review: 10/10
51.Geekscribe Review: 5/5
52.Consolenauts Review: 5/5
53.Lazygamer Review: 10/10
54.PELAAJA MAGAZINE Review: 10/10
55.PS MANIA 3.0 Review: 5/5
56.Gamesdog Review: 10/10
57.411 Review: 10/10
58.ZTGD Review: 10/10
59.Vtunnel Review: 10/10
60. 666 Review: 10/10
61.MSN UK Review: 10/10
62.Gamernode Review: 10/10
63.Techtree Review: 5/5
64.GameArena Review: 10/10
65.Spin Cookie Review: 10/10
66.Digital Spy Review: 5/5 Review: 5/5
68.TheStar Review: 4/4
69.Sun Review: 5/5
70.Level7 Review:: 10/10
71.GIN Review: 5/5
72.Binge Gamer Review: 5/5
73.Den of Geek Review: 5/5
74.UOL Review: 5/5 Review: 10/10
76.Gamewinners Review: 5/5
77.Dark Diamond Review: 10/10
78.New University Review: 5/5
79.Herald & Review MGS4 Review: 10/10 Review: 5/5
81.El33tOnline Review: 5/5
82.Crumahara Shop Review: 10/10

Not too shabby if u ask me. :)

juuken3586d ago

...Sweet Lord. I have never seen so many 5's and 10's in my entire life. That average has got to be around 9.9 or 9.8 by now.

Silogon3586d ago

This just in

The Outhouse Gazette reviews MGS4!!!

They gave it a 4 out 10!!

Anyone and everyone is reviewing this game and it's getting old.

clintos593586d ago

I think I just seen one on tv with KFC reviewing it aswell. Saying if u go to KFC and show them the game cover and the game of course in the case, u get 10 pieces of chicken original or crispy on the house, lol.

Superfragilistic3586d ago

Lol. Yeah I agree, most of these sites and newspapers I've never heard of! I'll stick to the Metacritic one's which is full of tens anyway, not that it matters since I've already finished it twice. lol :p

harrisk9543586d ago

GTA4's metascore is based upon 61 reviews, while MGS4's metascore is based upon 53 reviews! EVERY game that is a major release will have dozens of reviews.

By the way, speaking of Metacritic. It is back down to 94 (with a user score of 9.1); GTA4 is at 98 (with 7.9 user score).

xhairs3586d ago

I wish the real score was the user score simply because of the fact that GTA4 has a user score of 7.1 and a reviewer score of 98. That simply shows that the game isn't what it's cut out to be. However the variety of MGS4 user scores & reviewer scores is so close, it shows its true worth. I unlocked the 3rd island in GTA4 and never put the game back in my PS3. I found myself playing more call of duty and even rainbow six 2 than GTA4 while waiting for the arrival of MGS4.

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THE_JUDGE3586d ago

and its awesome. I am a little disappointed because of all the hype. Its a great game, but I hope the end is as spectacular as everyone says.

DJ3586d ago

...All three of them.

Le-mo3586d ago

You are one crazy gun haha. Bubble for you.

clintos593586d ago

Call me crazy but im just a huge fan of the series, and so I always try an find reviews just to put a smile on fans faces who purchased the game, just to show them, they arent alone when they think of how awesome MGS4 is. Believe me, its not only u saying that, its also most of the mjority of the gaming industry that agrees with u aswell including myself. :)

The Karate Kid3586d ago

(Sound) Achievement unlocked!

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