The Evil Within is what Resident Evil 5 should have been

The Evil Within is a game you’ve waited nine years for. Brenna finds a lot for old school survival horror fans to love.

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Max-Zorin1358d ago

Resident Evil 5 just needed characters that don't know what it's like to fight Bio terrorism. The Evil Within looks more like what the last few Silent Hills should have been.

mikeslemonade1358d ago

Shadows of the Damned is better than Evil Within.

vishmarx1358d ago

evil within with resident evil's budget and polish would have definitely been the true re5

Gore-Content1358d ago

We aren't getting over Resident Evil 5 yet?

-Foxtrot1358d ago

Compared to what it could of been

No...not any time soon

Revolver_X_1358d ago

Thinking Resident Evil was EVER scary is mistake 1.

Thinking The Evil Within is scary is mistake 2.

Oh how the Mikami fanboys move the goal posts. The 100's of screen caps insulting RE5 & RE6. Its not survival horror because enemies drop ammo and your health regens. Lo and behold The Evil Within does both.

-Foxtrot1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )


Resident Evil was scary at the's why it was given the "Survival Horror" title in video games

Evil Within has it's moments but it's still a better game then RE5.

Goal posts?

That's not why people dislike RE5 and RE6 lol. Part of the reason yes but it's deeper then just those two reasons.

You really don't have a clue do you...

Raziel8931357d ago

Survival horror was used to descibe games like RE from gamers who never played or heard of these type of games. Capcom jus ran with it because it was good marketing. I've always seen RE francise for what it was an action game in a horror setting. Nothing scary about having that much supplies given to you to finish the game two times over.

hankmoody1358d ago

I loved RE5. The co-op play was enough to keep my interest over several playthroughs. Sure the game lost whatever it was that made them scary in the first place but it was still a good game.

nerdman671358d ago

It is what RE5 should have been, and RE6 should never have existed.
To this day RE6 is my worst gaming experience of all time. Hate it with a passion.
To be fair I am a hardcore RE 1-4 fan

Sketchy_Galore1358d ago

I'm about 5 hours into The Evil Within now (about how many I was into RE5 before giving up and returning it. Something I almost never do) and I'm really liking it a lot. It's absolutely dripping with atmosphere.

Cheeseball characters and plot in games usually really annoy me (as it did with RE5) but that's probably because it's usually coupled with cheesy Michael Bay style directing. The corniness of The Evil Within works well with its spooky atmosphere as it makes it feel even more like a hokey old Hammer horror flick. Not sure if it'd work as a summer release but for me it's been the perfect game to play around Halloween. All fake looking crooked gravestones and lightning strikes, it really epitomises that cozy old Halloween feel.

The camera can be very tricky in tight spots and the difficulty often feels like a Dark souls type of thing, like you're actually supposed to die a number of times on every major boss battle or setpiece before figuring out your tactics and improving (queue person telling me this game was too easy and I just suck) which seems odd in a narrative driven game these days but you always seem to be given a recent enough save point and a chance to get your gear together before the big showdown so it's cool once you get into the groove of it.

Overall though the game really is just about the atmosphere for me. I've seen people complain about the visuals but to me they're quite beautiful, all inky blacks and mouldy dull tones. The world completely sucks me in every time I play.

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