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Gaming Trend Editor Eric Van Allen turns in his review of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and had this to say: "Advanced Warfare creates the multiplayer shooter players have been craving for years. Inspired by the old guard and incorporating a host of new features, this is the new face and bright future of Call of Duty."

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ramiuk11384d ago

well im enjoying it ,it was well worth the £25 it cost me on the ps4.

haterz can hate but its more fun than bf4 and runs silky smooth.

Knightshade1384d ago

BF4's constant crashing makes that a low bar to hurdle, but I'll agree. :)

Minute Man 7211384d ago

When BF works it runs circles around any COD lets not go there

rogimusprime1384d ago

@ Minuteman... "When it works"? that's pathetic. You could have a 10 inch rod, but what good is it if you can't get it to work when the moment is right?

Unarmed_Civilian1384d ago

Honestly isn't this same stuff every year, watch any cod and its the same no realism ,no recoil shoting gameplay.

Knightshade1384d ago

I'd agree except they really changed up the motion in this one. Sure, the recoil is not realistic, and it's hard to combine realism and "the future", but it sounds like Sledgehammer is raising the game on this one.

Unarmed_Civilian1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Kids game for the simpleminded.
Just like all the noobs in line for a new version of the iphone every 6 monts.

darren_poolies1384d ago

Call of Duty has never been realistic.

sourav931384d ago

I love BF. One of my favourite shooter franchises. But tell me one thing, other than levolution, how is BF4 different than BF3 in terms of gameplay? Shooting mechanics, etc is still the same. So if BF is allowed to be the same game with better graphics and some new gameplay perks, why isn't CoD? Or is it because CoD is more mainstream so it's cool to hate on it? SG have completely changed the way CoD is play with the new exosuit, and yet people still say it's the same game. I just don't get it.

Fro_xoxo1384d ago

It is a videogame people. Take it for what it is. No one's asking you to buy at gunpoint. . Stop trying to ruin it for others who enjoy it.

tlougotg1384d ago

Anyone want me to shareplay COD AW sp for a little i wont mind doing so this evening (eastern time).just pm me if so.