Some Xbox One Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Copies Facing Download Issues

Microsoft says you can delete your game and re-download it to fix the problem.

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Volkama1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Possibly too complicated for the average COD gamer. A large part of the audience may have to skip the game this year :)

donthate1136d ago

It was a glitch in the latest system update, but is fixed:

"We've also received reports that some users are having issues getting their pre-ordered copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We're happy to say that our team has fixed the problem, but if you are still experiencing any issues, delete the game and re-download it."

Ciporta19801136d ago

How they going to fix the disc based copies that are having the same problem?

donthate1136d ago


If you read your own story, it would say how to fix it:

"Lucky for you there is a relatively easy fix.

In your Xbox One settings, go to:


-Go Offline


You may need to “manage games” and uninstall anything that was previously installed."

ThePope1136d ago

Its actually kind of funny, I'm a preview member AND pre-loaded it and I didn't have any issues. I guess its just luck of the draw.

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mysteryraz111136d ago

So much for the xb1 haha ps4 is better

Volkama1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

You made me spit my coffee through my nose, cos that was so hilarious haha.

Except I don't drink coffee. And you're not funny.

gangsta_red1136d ago

You jumped the gun mysteryraz, I know a lot of you are sitting patiently waiting for a server issue or game related crash to come to the Xbox One from MS.

Just give it time okay, I'm sure there will be some small, real non-issue you and others can blow up to mountain like proportions when it happens.

SliceOfTruth8881136d ago

this article is 2000late this dun up been fixed

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