Assassin's Creed Unity collector's edition strategy guide has exclusive DLC and other extras

Check out what is included in the Assassin's Creed Unity Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide.

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Roglog1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Seriously Ubisoft? DLC in a F***ING strategy guide... Ubisoft, you're really treading on some mighty thin ice here. I just really hate how Ubisoft likes to drop bits and pieces of their game all over the place: numerous "special" editions, websites, pre-order bonuses, retailer exclusives and now in strategy guides. We all know that all of these items could have been in the game in the first place. You're not fooling anyone.

masso91121299d ago

The dlc's are Just a couple.of extra guns and stuff like that, it's not important, the core experience of still the same, it's not like the exclusive dlc is an important chunk of the story or something like that... It can barely be considered DlC

-Foxtrot1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

DLC in a strategy guide....good god

First they put exclusive DLC inside merchandise they are selling, like statues or replicas now in strategy guides

Why aren't people making a bigger fuss over this, it might seem small but it's getting out of hand.

First pre order DLC, exclusive DLC, merchandise and now strategy guides

Has anyone seen the guide after this one

Don't see why they couldn't of put this in the collectors edition

masso91121299d ago

There's no bigger fuss because the "DLC" exclusives are in the most part just extra weapons and that kind of stuff, things that don't really affect the core experience of the game, it's a bonus for those who are more dedicated or willing to pay extra cash for a collectors edition... I just want the game, so I will buy the standard edition, and enjoy it just as much as those who bought the special one

Zerotino1299d ago

Your not seeing the point. No one is saying that were p*ssed they are keeping a few extra guns from the main game its the fact that Ubisoft continue to think its okay to make you not just buy the DLC but buy different merch/editions just to get these things.

The point is if Ubisoft continue to think no one cares about it, its only going to get much worse.

George Sears1299d ago

Oh man, I just had a nice chuckle. This is ridiculously hilarious. Ubisoft has great IPs, great devs, but Ubisoft as a company? Suck big time.

georgenancy1299d ago

this is on another level.Way past ea and capcom

matrixman921299d ago

how in the world is this on another level. Did you see the dlc for mass effect 3? it was with action figures. To get all the dlc, you would have to spend over 1000 dollars. Nice bandwagon though

bumsick1299d ago

does the collectors edition come with playable female characters? wink wink ;)