Gaming Will Survive, And Thrive, After GamerGate

Forbes: Something has shifted with GamerGate recently, a movement I won’t declare “dead,” but one that is certainly transforming into something its instigators certainly didn’t intend.

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EliteGameKnight1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

At a very quick glance, though it covers more than what I am responding to, it would seem that this article uses the common, though superficial, view of gamergate as a movement founded on the principle of hate, and proceeds to go on to further highlight the abuse the various SJWs have faced. Now if we were to go by neutrality, with proper research we would find that both sides throw petty insults, death threats, and doxxing to a near equal level. Whether a person makes it known that they were hurt is irrelevant, as the others they are blaming were just as hurt.

When one looks to the fact that every movement, and I mean EVERY movement, has extremely radical members, this is understandable that their may be such petty actions. It makes it no less pathetic, but it is simply a truth interlocked with the concept of ideals. As I've mentioned many times previously, we can in no way judge a movement based on the actions of certain individuals that make our case, as that is poor journalism and allows for the committing of fallacies such as straw-manning, but must instead look to the entire movement and their accomplishment and failures as a united force.

Ultimately, the hardest thing that we must do, on either sides of this movement, is to look at and accept the truths spoken by the other side. Though our natural tendencies would have us hate our adversary, there is always some truth that we must look at that is hidden in their misinformation, and from the self reflection, we may come to a sense of peace which is necessary to truly make strides in our goals. whether that be ethics or equality.