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Gaming Trend Editor Ron Burke spent six hours behind the wheel of Dragon Age Inquisition and had this to say: "If the first six hours of Dragon Age Inquisition are any indicator of the 141 hours of remaining content (50 of which comprises the main storyline), we are all in for a huge treat. The open world changes everything about this game, and somehow the team at Bioware have managed to bring the same incredible storytelling to that wide-open space. Combine it with the best parts of combat in both previous games, and you have a recipe for the sort of RPG that sets the tone for an entire new generation of storytelling."

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onelastkiss4you1267d ago

My body is ready to return to Thedas.

Aleithian1267d ago

As is mine. Playing through all previous games at the mo to set up my world.

joab7771267d ago

I can't even explain how hard waiting these next 2 weeks is going to be. Destiny is burnt as I can do is raid. I'm done w/ CoD, and can't justify buying AC:Unity a week before.

Ughh. 2 weeks seems like forever.

Aleithian1267d ago

Do we know how big the world is yet? A previous vid shows a map ranging from Orlais to Fereldan, but excluding Antiva, Tevinter, and everything north of the Free Holds. And within that area there's been no clear statement yet of size. Are we talking bigger than Skyrim, for instance?

Knightshade1267d ago

Gut reaction is that it is easily bigger than Skyrim. I'd argue that the Hinterlands alone are bigger than Skyrim. It's pretty damned massive.

Aleithian1267d ago

That's kinda what I'm hoping, but they've said it's not one contiguous map - it's composed of a number of separate 'regions'. All I've seen size-wise is the claim that the Redcliffe region is 'bigger than all playable areas in DA:O combined.'

Ridah1267d ago

I'm feeling so inquisitive about this game!!

Knightshade1267d ago

AHHHH!!! I see what you did there. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

redey31267d ago

Is it just me or do the graphics seem downgraded? I mean, just remember the first trailer with ''gameplay'' engine... Not even close.