USA Today: Sunset Overdrive Review

"Sunset Overdrive gives the open world experience fresh energy, with a modern adventure at an accelerated pace. It also gives the Xbox One game roster a powerful jolt."

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christocolus1300d ago

Insomniac must be really proud of their achievment.

Great job guys.

bleedsoe9mm1299d ago

if you have a soul and love what video games are all about , you have to play this game .

Foehammer1299d ago

Another perfect score...

no wonder it's the #1 selling game in the UK single format chart

Well don Insomniac

DragonbornZ1299d ago

It really is great. I've been playing it for almost 3 hours straight right now o_o
About to check out dat hectic chaos squad.

qwerty6761299d ago

why dont they just rate out of 5?

captainexplosion1299d ago

This game is amazing. Im a huge Rathchet and Clank fan and it plays similiarly. Best game this year imo. I give it a 10/10.

gangsta_red1299d ago

This is great. I'm glad Insomniac was able to cut free of control and was allowed to make a game they actually wanted. And it's paying off big time.

Good job guys and good job MS for giving them the freedom to do this.

Funantic11299d ago

With all the great scores you can't deny that this game is a hit. Game Of The Year nominee.

Eldyraen1299d ago

I can see it being a nominee for several categories but not sure if it would win anything.

I think it 'could' win something (best new IP especially) but it could be a tough competition for most genres it competes with although it is one of my favorite games this gen so far by a long shot.

aviator1891299d ago

It certainly could win a few GoTY awards from some websites. But we still have a few game releases to go this year, so I dunno.

Nolando1299d ago

I could see it be GOTY on a few sites.

BUT COD is again being showered with praise and is gonna have HUGE sales!

I see COD AW sweeping a lot of GOTY awards whether or not it deserves it.

I personally think SSO deserves any awards it gets, its a brand new ip that just kicks the door down on what makes a fun videogame!

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