Astro A50 Xbox One Halo Edition gaming headset released in U.S.

The Astro A50 Xbox One Halo Edition gaming headset is now available in the United States.

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Kingdomcome2471136d ago

As soon as I can find a buyer for my XO7's I want to get these.

Samsara821136d ago

I want to do the same!!! lol

Kingdomcome2471136d ago

Haha. When I saw a response to my comment I had a sliver of hope that it was a potential buyer lol. I really like my XO7's, but these are beautiful to me. I've always heard that Astros are great too.

Samsara821136d ago

I am wondering how much i will be able to get for them

ScorpiusX1136d ago

Are they truly wireless, cause those that need a connection to controller are annoying me .

XBLSkull1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Yeah somewhere along the way wireless started to mean 1 wire to the controller. Moreover true 7.1 can't be carried over an optical cable. A real 7.1 surround system is still the best option for the absolute best audio experience. All these headphones are way overpriced too.

nikrel1136d ago

This is not true wireless; still need a cable to connect check it out at amazon.

ChrisChambers1136d ago

How much of a hassle is it to set up headsets like these? Until recently I've had no use for them but due to a schedule change I do most of my gaming in the middle of the night. Can't enjoy glorious surround sound at minimal volume so if these are easy to set up and switch between consoles I'll give them a go