PC release of Valkyria Chronicles gets more screenshots

Check out more screenshots from the PC release of Valkyria Chronicles.

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George Sears1298d ago

I gotta say, it was pretty random of Sega to release this game for PC. I really wasn't expecting this to happen. To those who haven't purchased this game in the past and are on the fence of picking this one up, don't be, the game is amazing.

The Great Melon1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Completely random, but this is a move that I support wholeheartedly. I normally don't preorder games, but anytime I see Japanese games appear on the PC I throw money at them in hopes that these anomalies become expected for all Japanese releases.

ninjahunter1298d ago

Interestingly, the game was originally designed for pc, but sony gave them a deal.

3-4-51298d ago

Can't wait to finally play this.

Khronikos1298d ago

Proper aliasing. Finally. I hope they can do something to spiff up the graphics if even a little.

Seafort1298d ago

Sega has already announced it'll be 1080p 60fps but not sure about higher res textures. I hope so but it didn't need it due to the anime style graphics.

As long as it runs great it's going to be an amazing experience on PC like it was on PS3.

hkgamer1298d ago

surprised his game would get a pc port. not sure if pc gamers would like this style of game though.

Seafort1298d ago

You're joking right? It's a tactical RPG with turn based combat.

It's more suited to PC than it ever was for consoles. We love these types of games.

Console gamers seem to have no idea what PC gamers play at all.

hkgamer1297d ago

its more of a console tactical rpg then a pc one.

Seafort1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )


gamejediben1298d ago

Lol! Turned based Tactical RPGs were BORN on the PC. Haven't you ever heard of:

Laser Squad
XCOM: UFO Defense
Jagged Alliance
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
and a whole host of other titles?

The first SRPG to arrive in America on home consoles was Shining Force in 1993. And it didn't even make a big splash till the 2nd game came out a year later. By that point, PC gamers had been enjoying tun based goodness for 6 years.

hkgamer1297d ago

its very console style tactical rpg

Dabigsiebowski1298d ago

People loved this game on PS3 and have asked for a sequel for quite some time. So maybe this could garner those sales missed in the ps3 early days that can make it happen with PC and PS4 owners of course!

madmonkey011298d ago

was there not a sequel that was psp exclusive?

traumadisaster1298d ago

Pre ordered last night. Bought day 1 on ps3 too. Let's see if this b can do 4k...