Shadow of Mordor Had A Lame Ending?

Shadow of Mordor's ending was pretty much the only bad thing in the game. Fighting the Black hand was easier than killing a graug with no chance of dying. What do you think?

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Spinal1296d ago

I agree. I was expecting a huge crazy final boss battle. Got control of all those warchiefs for what felt like nothing in the end.

The game was amazing regardless definitely felt short tho just like infamous second son.

I will buy the season pass once I see more dlc coming and I'll definitely buy the sequel to this game no doubt.

Genova841296d ago

I also agree. Though it wasn't the only "bad" thing about the game. The lack of difficulty was also disappointing. After the first 3 hours, I did not die. I got the power vacuun achievement and I branded all 5 of the 2nd set of warchiefs in a hour. Too easy for my taste through and through.

BlackTar1871296d ago

The game was awesome up until the end. I feel like my end was ruined though because i controlled his entire army and i didn't have a battle to fight to end the game. Which was kin of lame imo.

Other then that loved the game a whole lot. I eagerly anticipate a sequel

mohsin25961296d ago

Couldn't agree more. We could not control the army which was actually quite a challenge creating. The ending was as if they were running out of ideas.

ZombieKiller1296d ago

I've always said that if they implemented Arkham's free flow into another game, I could easily become just as obsessed as I was with Arkham.

I was right.

This game is freaking amazing. Very nice graphics, effects, presentation, and gameplay. Not to mention the story AND the nemesis system. Absolutely awesome.

If they don't make another SOM game, then I hope it's ONLY because they took over for Rocksteady or WB Games Montreal for the Arkham series.

Silly Mammo1296d ago

Just finished the game last night. Ending is kind of lame. I wonder if they ran out of time before their deadline. But saying that, I really enjoyed the rest of the game. Hopefully the sequel will have more varied quests.

mochachino1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

SoM story in general was lacking. Too short an not much character development. Still a great game but I found the story a tad bit disappointing.

Muadiib1296d ago

Also the controls were finicky and the gameplay was lacking in variety, other than that it was a good game.

Eamon1296d ago

Ending was rushed. Most likely the developer ran out of time. Still, a very very good game overall.