No Man’s Sky to see “Super Special Announcement” at PlayStation Experience

A small piece of information has come about concerning the PlayStation Experience event coming at the start of December which will see a "super special announcement" about No Man's Sky

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CiliCanadian1350d ago

No Man's Sky in VR with Project Morpheus would be awesome. Looking foward for the annoucement.

xHeavYx1350d ago

Either that or free PS+ version?

Stapleface1350d ago

It being a PS+ title at the games launch was my first thought. That would be great.

ZeroX98761350d ago

How about free for PS+ AND Morpheus support ?!?!?

one can dream.... :)

Palitera1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Hm, I'll ruin the surprise, but you'll thank me later when you don't get extremely disappointed.

They'll announce the teaser for the date when they will release the trailer with the announcement of the public reveal of the place where the public event for the release date announcement will take place.

In other words, just hype.

"Free with PS+"... Right...

(Seriously, it will be just the release date.)

GarrusVakarian1350d ago

This would be the perfect game to showcase Project Morpheus. Holy hell that would be amazing.

ziggurcat1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

"Either that or free PS+ version?"

... or exclusive?



hahaha yeah... you're absolutely right - it's likely just the release date.

bouzebbal1350d ago

i don't think either PS+ edition or Morpheus version is a "super" special announcement.
I think it could be that PlayStation bought the studio of NMS would be SUPER special and will cause internet meltdown in no time.

exciting times, and looking forward to the event it's shaping up to be unforgettable.

ABizzel11350d ago

As huge as free with PS+ would be, doubt that'll happen. This game has too much praise, and a good pool of hype to go with it to miss out on Day 1 sales.

I think Morpheus support is it, and I think Morpheus is coming next year. Here's hoping it's priced right ($199 or less for camera + Headset bundle), and had the screen upgraded to OLED.

jmac531350d ago

PS+ edition with only 100,000 planets and 5 spaceships.

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OB1Biker1350d ago

Would desapointing if it doesn't support morpheus but I'm thinking maybe an alpha the way they did with BF

DigitalRaptor1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

The lads at Hello Games have been seen playing about with Oculus dev kits, and seeing how close they are with Sony in their support of this game heading towards its launch, there's very little doubt that they aren't messing about with Project Morpheus dev kits either. Sony will have provided them with dev kits for free, so the results here will be eye-watering.

Here's some clips of them experimenting with VR:

Plus, this game is PERFECT - absolutely 100% PERFECT - for VR. It sounds like it will be a launch exclusive for Morpheus, and maybe that means we will hear an announcement of a consumer-release for the headset in 2015.

Man I will lose myself in this game.

Mr Marvel1350d ago

Nah, no interest in VR for me.

I am looking forward to the game and more info about it though.

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medman1350d ago

I thought from the time this game was announced it may end up being console exclusive to ps4, with pc version getting a later date. "Super special" has to be either a release date in the first half of 2015, or that the xbone will never see No Man's Sky. I can't think of anything else that would qualify as "super special".

Stapleface1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Making a game unavailable to other gamers is not something a sane, non selfish gamer would consider "super special". Doesn't effect me either way I'm good to go, but that's just ignorant.

Forbidden_Darkness1350d ago

But hey, at least they wouldn't be taking away a game that was announced for PS4 and than taken away to be a timed exclusive, especially considering they just released the HD version of Tomb Raider on said PS4 months before. This game was never announced for Xbox One, so it's not as bad in a sense. Not saying other gamers shouldn't get No Man'S Sky, but Sony and Microsoft are trying to sell more consoles, so I expect this is going to happen more than I would like.

TheWatercooler1350d ago

Your right, and it's something Sony would never do. Only Microsoft pulls that kind of stunt. Cough! Tombraider Cough! Pay for exclusion. Only Microsoft are that low.

MegaSackman1350d ago

I bet is beta access for attendants.

-Foxtrot1350d ago

Never understood how those kind of things are supposed to benefit all of us

You get hyped for months then find out it only applies to people who went.

Forbidden_Darkness1350d ago

It might just be early access to the beta or something. Either way, I'm lucky to be going to the event, so I wont miss out. Still would suck for gamers who don't/cant go.

Dan_scruggs1350d ago

Oh this game is till on the way. That's nice. Hopefully one day we will find out what you actually do in the game besides look at things and maybe shoot them if you want to.

Dan_scruggs1350d ago

Either I am wrong or you know something I don't. Either way you'd think people would be weary of games like this in the wake of Destiny.

However if I am wrong feel free to tell me why you think that. I will eagerly await your thought provoking answer.

WeAreLegion1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

"Saturday night should be memorable for those who can attend PlayStation Experience.”

I wish the title had mentioned that.

GodGinrai1350d ago

Im calling it now. Some kind of beta/early access for attendees.

Stapleface1350d ago

Yeah sounds to me like attendees might get a chance to test it out.. That would suck for everyone but the very few that get to attend.

BitbyDeath1350d ago

Morpheus, you can't really demonstrate it on video, you need to be there for it.

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