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Dan Hook writes on TheGamersHub
"So, I’ll be honest with you, I’m new to these sort of games. I’ve never touched Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls – which is something that many will compare Lords of the Fallen too. And, in all honesty, you’re quite right. However, coming into City Interactive and Deck13’s new title as a bit of a ‘noob’ to the world of punishing RPG gameplay, I certainly wasn’t expecting something quite as merciless. Especially something that requires you to really know your weapons, armour and timing of strikes.

"As you can probably imagine, Lords of the Fallen is a hack and slash-styled RPG, although I wouldn’t advise going in so willy-nilly. Taking on the role of a bald-headded, face-tattooed convict by the name of Harkyn you’re off to defeat demons and gods who have entered the realm of mortals. So far, so RPG weird."

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Joher1386d ago

In my opinion Lords of the Fallen is worth a little more than 7,5/10. All of my firnds are delighted this game. We compare our stats and who can kill boss faster and without using potion:) This is chellanging game and I have a lot of fun with it.

riverside6661379d ago

Harkyn is badass, not only in appearance but also with how it was created. I like the way the fight, and music, and the whole look of the game really pulls!