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Vaughn writes on TheGamersHub

"The announcement of Bayonetta 2 struck many as a surprise; after all, it had hardly been the seller that Sega wanted it to be. However, the news that this title would be published by Nintendo, and exclusive to the Wii U, caused some pockets of the internet to explode with rage, claiming it would be incredibly detrimental to the quality of Platinum’s vision. Well, as I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Bayonetta 2 is as fantastic – if not more fantastic – than the Umbran Witch’s first outing on PS3 and Xbox 360.

"Under Nintendo’s watch Bayonetta is as feisty, sexualised, and brutal as she’s ever been. Sporting a new short and choppy haircut, the ludicrous cutscenes and over the top British accent still remain, and her foul mouth certainly hasn’t gone missing. This is Bayonetta in every way you know; except this time things feel even better than before."

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