Dragon Age: Inquisition HandsOn Preview - Get Ready RPG Fans, This Will Be Way Better Than DA2 | COG

COG writes - Many fans of the Dragon Age franchise thought Bioware made a bit of a misstep with Dragon Age 2. We recently had a chance to play the first six hours of Inquisition and all signs are pointing to the franchise being back on track to one of the best RPGs available.

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Magicwood1358d ago

But not Origins? I guess we are asking too much.

Digital_Anomaly1358d ago

Hahaha... I think it's more a comment on how poorly received DA2 was and that Bioware realized their mistakes. Origins was amazing!

Magicwood1358d ago

True, but with all these remasters and whatnot. I want them to do a remaster on Origins in Frostbyte3.

PabloMustasch1358d ago

I'm new to the franchise but it's looks killer, just ordered Origins too, should be here by thursday, looking forward to playing it!

R6ex1358d ago

Yeah. Do a Frostbite remaster of DAO & DA2 AND SUPPORT GAMEPAD! ME & DA are my favourite series but doesn't support gamepad on PC. Damn! My PC, HDTV, couch & gamepad are ready ... too bad, EA & BioWare have decided to disable gamepad support - which originated from their console counterparts.

joab7771358d ago

I think it will be much better than origins. Origins was great b/c of combat and storytelling, but graphics were sub part and there was no open world to explore.

Add in the Inquisition and multiplayer, and I simply cannot wait. 2 weeks feels like forever.

Masterchief_thegoat1358d ago

Never play dragon age.. if is great i pick it up by xmas

Baka-akaB1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

That's not saying a lot , i think any rpg of existence is better than DA2 . It had a truly mediocre story , with idiotic characters ... a mediocre gameplay that made Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1 looks like Chess ... and a level design so mediocre , you could say there was no design at all . Finally the graphics were just barely ok (on PC) . And the game wasnt even open world , as at least a trade off for the abysmal storyline

This ebing said , i'm truly looking forward to DA3

vishmarx1358d ago

the graphics were bleh.
dx11 was completely broken

SolidGear31358d ago

Dragon Age II is the only medieval themed RPG I love besides Diablo III.

Baka-akaB1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

To each their own i guess . But still it does make sense that you could like it , if you aint a fan of medieval rpgs usually .

For those that do , it was quite a weak game

Ark_1358d ago

Good you had fun with those games, but you've got a funny perception of the medieval ...

Check out Kingdom come: Deliverance. It will be a medieval themed RPG. Maybe you like it.

Diablo 3 and Dragon Age 2 is fantasy; DA2 also a lackluster game imo.

Archmagel1358d ago

But...but...Fenris! He was the only saving grace for me. Hope to see him (recruit him, and develop man crush for him again) in Inquisition.

Bhuahahaha1358d ago

im ready

already drink my cup of darkspawn blood

TheFutureIsBlue1358d ago

Let me have a sip!


In all seriousness, this game will probably be my goty.

urwifeminder1358d ago

Hope it does well but I just could not get into the other games got them cheap just felt like a chore to me.

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