The Evolve Alpha Was Slightly Disappointing, But There’s Plenty Of Potential

A member of IM PLAYIN discusses the Evolve alpha, and why they found it slightly boring - but full of potential.

"So I’ve been playing the Evolve alpha for the past few days on the Xbox One and, I must admit, it’s kind of a disappointment. In fairness, I expected a hell of a lot from the game; probably too much, in fact. I had pictures in my head of a futuristic, monster based Left4Dead, and it just wasn’t that. In fact (other than the idea of four players playing together in a co-op team), the games are completely different. I guess that’s a good thing. Still, I didn’t fall in love with Evolve whilst playing the alpha, but there is a lot of potential there."

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Mikelarry1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

I am still not sure about this game and why everyone is hyping it, not saying its bad or anything but the concept of one player being a monster and the rest hunting him down does sound like its going to be a lot of fun after a while. I will definitely keep an eye out and see how things ..... "EVOLVE..." hey hey NO??... ill see myself out

lelo2play1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

The Evolve Alpha version of the game has done more harm then good.
The game was one of my most expected games for next year and now it's a no buy.

ABizzel11265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )


And that's the double edged sword of demoing games. It can make ore break you game, and Evolve Alpha is breaking this game.

It's not bad, but it gets old quick, and I just don't see myself paying $60 for this. It would be an great $20 PSN / XBL game though.

But as a consumer this is a blessing for me. Save me $60, although I would have rented it from Gamefly first.

fei-hung1265d ago

I think the problem is that after the Destiny debacle (reviews not sales), if there isn't enough meat (content) and a variety of it, people will be sceptical about the game.

Syleros1264d ago

did anyone else miss the word "ALPHA" or was it just me, come on guys be real, at least wait till beta to speculate.

Blasphemy1265d ago

all games have potential, but most of them fail to meet the mark.

MysticStrummer1264d ago

I was very intrigued when the game was announced, but when they released info about how few monsters would be in the final game I lost most of my interest. Now that I watched some streams of the game, my interest is gone entirely.

urwifeminder1265d ago

Massive LFD fan this was like watching paint dry after the 3rd coat I was done.

patsrule3161265d ago

I only played it one time, and will admit I was confused because I had little idea what was going on or what I was even supposed to do, but it did absolutely nothing for me. For the folks that like it, enjoy, but I have no desire to try a second game.

JeffGUNZ1265d ago

This game was terrible. I just don't get the hype. After 3-5 matches I HATED this game more than anything. The loading times were horrendous as well. This game brings nothing new to the table of FPS. Man, what a let down.

RyanShutup1265d ago

I tried a few games then uninstalled it. Def not worth $60...

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The story is too old to be commented.