'It Would Have To Be The Right Time, The Right Place For Heavenly Sword 2 To Happen': Ninja Theory

Product development manager Dominic Matthews says the studio "loved making" the original.

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Fullmetalevolust1297d ago

Any time is the right time for heavenly sword 2!

-Foxtrot1297d ago

A launch title for the PS4 would of been a good time

Skate-AK1297d ago

I would rather them take their time and make a great game rather than try to squeeze it into the launch window. I know they did it before but they would have a lot to prove with a HS sequel.

fei-hung1297d ago

They probably mean they need Sony to give them the right amount of money to make it since Sony own the IP.

Spenok1296d ago

The fact they're even willing to consider the possibility is wonderful news. Hopefully at some point.

Nolando1297d ago

What about a odyssey to the west sequel?

Sevir1297d ago

Odyssey to the West was great up until the last 10 mins... I personally didn't enjoy seeing Tameem's likeness and face represented throughout the game and in the final moments of the narrative...

I'd kill for an Heavenly Sword 2. and NT and Sony are on Good terms none the less so I'd say we start Petitioning Shu to make this happen.

gangsta_red1297d ago

Basically they're saying that Sony themselves would have to hand out some $$$ to make that game happen.

-Foxtrot1297d ago

or they might not want them to do the sequel, it's their IP maybe they want one of there own Sony Santa Monica, who are much better then NT

MysticStrummer1297d ago

"Basically they're saying that Sony themselves would have to hand out some $$$ to make that game happen."

Sony themselves own the IP, so NT can't do anything about HS2 without permission.

WildArmed1297d ago

Loved making the original?

All I remember them doing is bitching about how it didn't sell well enough and they'd never make a sequel again. NT used to love running their mouths and putting the blame on HS fans for being the reason why the sequel didn't happen. Didn't sell 10mil, day 1? SORRY GUYS, NO SEQUEL FOR YOU.

It's funny because it was one of the few launch title for PS3 i really enjoyed.

Summons751297d ago

Shh don't let them hear you, they will cry about imaginary death threats and insult everyone like they normally do.

fei-hung1297d ago

And it was their best selling game considering it only launched on one console with a small install base at the time.

Sevir1297d ago

True, but it wasn't a game they made money on.

Their technology was proprietary and they went over budget, DmC:Devil May Cry is the first game they've ever made where they actually are receiving any kind of profit from. and Both DmC and HS sold roughly the same, they were simply on a different budget and different development process.

Heavenly Sword started out on Xbox then was moved to PS3 after sony acquired the IP and all the technology behind it, The Cost of RnD alone on development on the system's process was exorbitantly high along with its steep learning curve which blew through the funds it cost to develop the game.

Launch games typically are less profitable than games launched later in the life cycle because of delays and learning curves with development.

even though Launch games have greater exposure and tend to sell greater, RnD, development hurdles with none final dev specs upon till launch and such tend to see games go over budget which affects the profit margins on a title. Sony Got their Cut but i'm sure that was the reason why NT as a whole suspended development on HS2 parted ways to start developing Enslaved.

morganfell1297d ago

Well referenced thread concerning the history of Heavenly Sword:

fei-hung1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Having read the reference thread posted by Morganfell and read other bits and pieces, it says Sony paid for the game to be made. They paid for it whilst others chose not to or asked for the game to be made more affordable to produce by lowering quality or the developer themselves taking up a large chunk of the cost.

Now if Sony paid for it, that means the complaints of sales expectations from NT were about them not making money of the game as all they got paid for was making the game and Sony probably didn't pay them a bonus on sales as the game didn't make a profit for Sony.

If NT say they made a loss, that's probably because they gave Sony an invoice for creating HS and then went over budget having to fork out additional costs themselves.

Looking forward to how this turns out. I wasn't a fan of Odyssey to the West, the combat was lame in comparison to other hack and slash games and the comments made by Tameem didn't help.

DMC was utter crap compared to DMC1 and 3. Oddly enough after everything they said about the original they ended up nerfing the combat, puzzle solving and story and making it equally as repetitive as well as linear (run around a linear section, kill, run around a linear section, kill).

I am hoping this is more like HS, IMO the best game they have made to date. If they improve on HS, and don't let Tameem open his mouth, they might finally be onto a winner.

WildArmed1296d ago


If you have over a million sales and STILL can't make money back, it your fault. Most last gen games had a profit margin of a million sales, if you can't work under a proper budget, you can't go blame the gamers for not supporting your cluster.... of a development cycle.

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Summons751297d ago

Then you would cry about how it undersells again, mostly because you insult gamers and then insult them even more for not buying your mediocre games.

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