Is Sony Being Far Too Overconfident With The PS4 This Holiday Season

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece which asks if Sony is being too overconfident with the Playstation 4 going into the 2014 Holiday Season. They cite the aggressive approach Microsoft has taken and the lack of new prime exclusives for the Playstation until 2015.

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n4rc1387d ago

Probably not..

They are riding the wave.. Don't need to cut prices or spend extra money when your popularity is carrying you.

I don't really get But they are

Garethvk1387d ago

That is what amazes me. They are in a position of strength. If they cut the prices, announced a new bundle, or something like that they could build their lead instead of likely seeing it shrink. Unless it is a game of ok, let MS lose money by lowering the price and putting so many resources into this Holiday Season, and we will bide our time until Feb when The Order:1886, and Bloodborne launch.

mhunterjr1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Their lead is huge. They don't need to be overly aggressive to build on it, especially when demand is still high... they do, however, need to maintain their high profit margins. This is just one holiday season of many to come.

Death1387d ago

They aren't riding a high profit margin. In the last quarter ending September 30th, they cleared 200 million on sales of 2.8 billiion in the division. That is a 7% return on investment. If Sony cut the price to make fans happy, it would result in a loss for the division.

vishmarx1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

pricecut is unnecessary when you have such a huge lead and your product is still in high demand.Also ms is willing to take losses because theyre behind.
with no threat from xb1 any time soon, sony would just hurt themselves by cutting profits
this is one many holiday seasons, not just that i dont think people buy a $400 console in holiday season just because of how recently a good exclusive released on it.
at least i wont, had i not already not got one, xb1 still wouldnt be my pick just because i save $50. im hyped as hell for dragon age and far cry , both confirmed to run better on ps4. halo mcc is nice but i would go for tlou re any day over it. couple the 3 and its an easy decision for me. i wouldnt forget about tlou just because halo released more recently. i wouldnt forget that 2 months from then , bloodborne(huge souls fan) releases while nothing new for xb1 is in sight.
xb1 will sell nicely this fall due to halo and i hope it does , but i dont think lack of a december exclusive or a price cut would hurt ps4 in any way at all.
exclusives released already arent the reason consoles are selling as well as they are, and its got more to do with the general perception of the products and their future .
neither console has a huge system seller yet ( wii u has mk8 and ssb i guess)

and itll be a while till we get one(uc 4? halo 5? ffxv for japan?)

DigitalHope1387d ago

In Canada at least Walmart is selling the last of us ps4 with a free copy of COD AW and best buy is selling the destiny bundle with any game past present or future release.

Im sure sony has plans in the US as well. Thought amazon was lowering all PS4s by 50.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Well they have to be careful cause XBOX One is just lowering the price more and more, they seem pretty seriously about competing.

donthate1387d ago

Here is the problem with Sony:

a) the last quarter, Playstation division earned $200 million, but that is far less than $20 per console. The kicker here is that, Sony overall is loosing almost $ 800 million last quarter. That means Playstation division is propping up the company and without Playstation the losses would be $ 1 billion. That is a 20th of what the company is worth.

b) The recent surge in sales for the Xbox One is incredible. This reddit thread talkes about it:

Amazon best seller list concur:

Showing #6, #9, and #11 spot are all Xbox One bundles. The first PS4 console shows up at spot #21, which declined from #16 yesterday. Also, #6 is Sunset Overdrive bundle that is sold out!

c) From earlier we know Sony made $200 million and sold 3.3 million consoles. That means each console sold on average made $60 including all the profits from all platforms in the quarter including PS Vita, PS TV, and PS3.

As you can see, Sony is not in a real position to match MS in price for long especially bundling the latest games with a big sale. Sony need the Playstation division to prop up the entire company.

However, Sony doesn't need to price cut to match MS unit sales, because they are very strong outside of US. They also have a huge lead, but a MS sales lead in the US will tarnish the hype.

That said, I think MS as an underdog and Sony as a leader is actually the best of both worlds. MS has pockets to fight like a lion as they have, and Sony can't afford it so the current situation is best for the console gaming world (excluding Nintendo).

ipach1387d ago

probably just fine to see how much an impact microsoft's price adjustment actually has before making a decision. if the impact of the price delta actually proves pretty substantial, you don't think sony could just as easily flip the switch and match? but why race to the bottom if you don't need to? it's not confidence, but prudence, to use a wait and see approach given their lead.

bouzebbal1387d ago

it's good to be confident about the situation. they are controlling the market with 65% market share so they are allowed to be confident.
GTA bundle is coming out exclusively and LBP3 bundle as well to seal the deal for this year before next year's tsunami.
i think there is a very strong chance they record a great holiday season, even better than last year's.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1387d ago


"They aren't riding a high profit margin."

The PlayStation Division actually has plenty of wiggle room to make a price cut if they chose to do so. Sony is making millions off of software sales.

On the other hand, you have the Xbox division which will now be losing money on each Xbox One sold because of the price cut and game give-away.

Ju1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

The question is why would you cut your margin when you are actually 3M ahead of the internal goal? There is really no reason to turn this very positive result in a loss just to keep the monthly sales up. Sony will probably sell at least 2M more this holiday season (with a very pessimistic) view. At the current price with the full margin and will reach >15M total sales. Sony could simply stop selling PS4 until end of the year and still would be ahead. But what they sure won't need is a negative margin to trash this already great result. MS is bleeding money with their latest drop. They probably lost 1B with the Kinect disaster and probably burn another with marketing and the price drop. Sure, they have the cash, and Sony won't be able to match that. Heck, nobody actually can. Despite all that, MS will be lucky if they finally can reach the 10M sold (to consumers) by end of the year.

mechlord1386d ago

@Death + 16h ago
They aren't riding a high profit margin. In the last quarter ending September 30th, they cleared 200 million on sales of 2.8 billiion in the division. That is a 7% return on investment. If Sony cut the price to make fans happy, it would result in a loss for the division.

Bro, not so salty.
Playstation is not sony. The company as a whole has issues but not the PS division, whatever the official name is.
With over 50% margin they dont need price cuts. They can wait til that drop to say 20-25% and then drop the price cut and the ps4slim isnta lead, again.

And MS isnt flying high flawlessly either. I dont get people. WHy do you think presenting facts for both sides makes your argument weaker? why do you think having bias towards one direction and ignoring (or pretending not to see data on the other) makes your argument better ?

...unless fair exchange of ideas isnt what you and you kind is really here for?
.... now how about that...
could it be?....

jebabcock1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

I'm confused. The ps4 has had the better library of games since day 1. Just look at game sales if you refuse to accept the exclusive count and the fact that ps4 has the better multiplatform versions... Its hard to make a claim that the x1 has the better game library when especially the exclusive games are selling dismally. As much as some of you want x1 to be regaining lost ground if you keep crying Wolf then when something amazing does come along no one will believe. Credibility is a very important thing...

Despite some of these ridiculous articles I've been completely content with the ps4. I've had no major network or update issues since day 1. Not saying they aren't there but that every time there is a hiccup for either system, it is purported as the end of the world.

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Edward751387d ago

@ n4rc

"They are riding the wave.. Don't need prices or spend extra money when your popularity is carrying you"

That could actually be seen as overconfident!

You gave pretty much a direct reason supporting Sony being over confident!

Why o why1387d ago

Its just confident, not overconfident. Its not like they are slowing down. Their game schedules were set a long time ago. No real need to cut the price so call it something else

dredgewalker1387d ago

That's not being overconfident. That's simply just having good business sense. If they're taking a loss with each Ps4 being sold then having a price cut would incur a much larger loss. If they are simply selling well then there is simply no point in cutting down the price. Cutting back the price of a new product is actually a reflection of weak sales and a weak product overall.

n4rc1387d ago

Its not overconfidence, its observation lol..

When you are in the lead and maintaining it, you don't need to do as much as the guy chasing you..

But like I said.. I never understood it anyways.. Personally I feel the Xbox offers a better value but at least should be neck and neck.. There is really no real reason for the gap in sales..

Doesn't seem to matter how much ms does or how little Sony does..

kneon1387d ago

They are selling pretty much all they can produce, doing anything to increase demand when they don't have the capacity to meet it would just be stupid.

SilentNegotiator1387d ago

Overconfident would suggest that they don't have a reason to be confident.

Mario Kart, Titanfall, price cuts...none of those things have stopped Ps4 from being on top for longer than a week at a time.

Why o why1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@ narc

It could be down to last gens practices. .. Not everyone turned a blind eye to the minimalistic attitude ms used despite their much lauded 'infinite wealth' Their reveal and subterfuge during that time obviously left a bad taste in many peoples minds. It's not even surprising you thought both consoles should 'at least be neck and neck'... c'mon narc..... can you relly not see why people turned their backs?

Pogmathoin1386d ago

Simply, Kudos to Sony, now lets watch MS try catch up. I do not give a fck who wins a stupid fanboy sales war, just give me games! Really what is up with you people arguing over a brand?? Your a marketers wet dream when you act like this....

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rdgneoz31387d ago

"announced a new bundle"

They have the GTA V bundle coming out. UK has a few different bundles as well.

Loadedklip1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

They are in this position due to Microsoft damaging themselves in 2013 with their DRM, Kinect, Always Online, etc etc.

Those presentations around e3 and at e3 is what Sony has taken full advantage of.

Let's be real Sony fans. Sony's biggest announcement at 2013's e3 wasn't a game or a feature on the system. It was basically them saying the exact opposite of everything Microsoft said. No DRM, No always online, no special setup to give a used game to a friend or family, etc etc. That is how Sony won e3 in 2013 and the momentum has carried them to where we are now.

Microsoft burned their relationship with the core gamers.
Sony's bosses ensured you knew what Microsoft was doing by doing the exact opposite.
Now Microsoft is doing everything it can to win gamers back. Might be too little too late ... but Sony might be allowing Microsoft back in this race possibly ... that 350 bundle WITH a game is a pretty good deal for XB1.

A lot of people on the fence might bite. We will see how the sales get affected in the coming months.

AndrewLB1387d ago

What a moronic thing to say. Maybe you didn't get the memo, but Sony had planned using THE EXACT SAME INTRUSIVE DRM as Microsoft and they quietly got rid of it with the day-1 patch after watching Microsoft get obliterated by the media. Sony has even admitted this during interviews.

I gotta hand it to Sony though. Not only did they rewrite their E3 2013 presentation to omit the DRM policy with only a few hours notice, but they managed to SUCKER thousands of rabid fanboys into not only believing they were against DRM and pro-gamer.... but these SAME fanboys continue to this very day dutifully repeating the lies they were told on forums like this. It must be nice to have such dedicated sheep... and best of all, they pay Sony for the honor. lol.

There you go!

So how do you all feel about being lied to? Sony lied, deceived, and are still making any of you who repeat the DRM lie look like fools.
Amazingly enough, I think Microsoft did the honest and professional thing when they announced the DRM plans. Not only did they listen to consumers, but they made major changes to their plans based on that feedback. Microsoft could have backtracked, lied a bit, and made the issue disappear... but they did the right thing. Sony pretty much took a dump on your couch and blamed it on your dog.

DigitalRaptor1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@ AndrewLB

You are a real, real, disingenuous person.

None of those links you posted prove anything, at all. They are paper-thin speculative articles that you are holding onto because you are sick that Microsoft got its due treatment from gamers and will continue to suffer for their anti-consumer decisions, and bitter that people are still talking about it.

"Sony has even admitted this during interviews."

NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER did they admit anything of the sort. You can scour the internet for days and weeks, and you won't find a trace or a hint outside your own paper-thin poorly-sourced, inconclusive arguments made out of desperation, and ultimately, Xbox fanboyism.

Let's be realistic for a minute. Look at Sony's track record for their online services and their network as a whole. Do you believe that Sony network engineers could remove all traces of planned system-wide DRM, without ANY traces of it left behind on the console, or on the network? There was nothing - Absolutely NOTHING. Not even Microsoft could do it flawlessly after they made the conscious decision not to go ahead with the DRM. But Sony could - right…

Again, they re-wrote the E3 presentation's focus based on the feedback from Microsoft's own decisions that were leaking out at the time. That is what Yoshida said… he mentioned nothing about changing PS4's policies on DRM, just the focus of their conference to use it as a marketing methodology for their console. Microsoft's own decisions were a crutch that was all too easy for Sony to take advantage of. There's no basis right here for a "dishonest" Sony, but you are so delighted that you found something that you personally believe points to ultimate exposure that you didn't even bother to analyse it in any real conclusive sense.

"Microsoft could have backtracked, lied a bit, and made the issue disappear... but they did the right thing"

WTF, am I reading here? I thought the apologists and delusional fanboys defending the DRM and the way MS approached it had all but crawled back under their bridges, but apparently not.

Your comment is the saddest, saltiest, most desperate reach to try and "expose" something so baseless. The only person quite as desperate to peddle this bullsh*t is KNWS. Do you plan this stuff together?

BlackTar1871386d ago


Thos elinks prove nothing. Nothing in them is concrete in the slightest. I mean in the slightest.

LamerTamer1386d ago


Sorry, but there was no required day-1 patch for PS4 removing any DRM. My friend bought a PS4 and doesn't have internet and was able to play all launch titles offline out of box.

The Xbone required a day 1 patch to remove the DRM, that is it.

Nice try though.

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Genuine-User1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

It's more important for Sony to make a small profit than to sell their product at a loss for a few more sales.
I don't have any conclusive data but I don't think Microsoft is making any profit on the hardware side.

Death1387d ago

Microsoft's gaming division share space with Surface and PC accessories. They cleared 500 million on sales of 2.5 billion last quarter.

Sony cleared 200 million on sales of 2.8 billion in gaming.

I provided direct links this morning to the disagrees of those that can't read.

Genuine-User1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@ Death

Thanks for the info.
How much did the Microsoft gaming division make without the shared space?

sinspirit1387d ago

Well, Microsoft has combined products in the past to make Zune look like it's successful because it's together with other entertainment devices. Look how that turned out.

Everyone knows 360 made heavy losses but Microsoft still bundled it together with other products to make it look profitable as a whole.

So, if someone posts about X1 and something else making profit it doesn't matter until we see a single report on the X1's success by itself.

Ju1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

MS probably makes the biggest margin in that segment from Android license fees, actually, which is part of the entertainment division.

iceman061386d ago

I actually believe that both systems, at least on a system basis, were both making profit from the jump. It wasn't a huge margin. But, it wasn't like previous gens (especially for Sony) where they had to wait years to make a profit from the system itself.

Muzikguy1386d ago

Do you mean windows mobile licensing fees? Those phones aren't selling so I doing that. Android would be Google's moneymaker last I checked :)

Alsybub1386d ago


Android doesn't, directly, make a penny. It's open source.

Google makes money from it's services and advertising, which Android allows them to put in the hand of anyone that owns one of those devices. It's a tool.

Microsoft will be getting licensing fees for their patents on features within Android. All the mobile manufacturers have to pay to use patented features in their OS.

Ju1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

MS went aggressively after Android manufacturers enforcing them to sign license agreements. They probably make more money from Android than the do with Windows phones because of that.

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Massacred1387d ago

I mean, they did sell 13.5 million console so far. They have quite a bit of reason to do so.

Kribwalker1387d ago

For the Sony fans that point this out for every Xbox sales numbers MS releases, they have SHIPPED 13.5 million, not sold. Last sold numbers were given mid August at 10 million. But the 13.5 u speak of is shipped according to their own financial statement released last week

RedDevils1386d ago

@Kribwalker, so what make you think Sony haven't sold 13.5m by now?

2cents1387d ago

Sony has the most impressive Hypetrain Ever!!!

Even with the strong offering of the X1, the hate is still as strong.

I cannot understand why anyone would pass up such an amazing array of games on a genuinely fun console. But pride seems to always trump common sense in the console wars, sad but true.

All I know is when I played Sunset OD for the first time last night, I have never been happier! That game is just... WOW!

_-EDMIX-_1387d ago

Not really. Games are subjective. Many may not feel Forza Horizon (also a 360 game) Halo Collection (a collection of ports) is enough to buy a X1.

Leaves you with Sunset Overdrive. Not sure how many are getting a X1 based on 1 game (very much understand why wouldn't based on the other titles)

They are solid buys if you already own the system, They are not games I would buy the system for.

PS4 has the better multiplats, consider that many 360 gamers didn't even have much exclusives and may just be getting PS4 to play said multiplats in 1080p.

Sony also has the largest first party traditionally and just came off of beating MS last gen.

How could you not see them winning when they sold more PS3's at a higher price, a year later all while losing FF, GTA, Tekken etc?

This comes to no surprise because MS has never sold more consoles in a gen then Sony. When they got close for a bit last gen, it was under some exterem circumstances....none of which are present, thus by default PS4 will carry the lead they left off with last gen.

2cents1387d ago

Ok, I'll bite.
I hate doing lists but its fun sometimes. These are the games I am referring to when I mean having a great selection.

Ryse (now PC)
Dead Rising 3 (Now PC)
Forza 5
Project Spark
Fantasia Music Evolved
Kinect Sports
Killer Instinct
Forza Horizon 2
Sunset Overdrive

and coming that we know of:

Halo MMC
Quantum Break
Fable Legends
Phantom Dust
Crackdown 3
Halo 5

of course I have not listed all the multiplats and exclusive indies. but I think the list above shows some good times to be had away from the multiplats. This is not a competition for me, I'm simply trying to highlight that there are great games to play on the Xbox One, also by saying that, some morons automatically think that by me listing those games, I am also saying that PS4 has no games which is just not true.

You say, how could you not see them winning. I'm not in this hobby to 'win via manufacturer' I'm in it to play games, which ever platform they are on. If you need Sony to sell more consoles than Xbox1 to make you feel at ease then that is your dilemma to deal with. I loose no sleep when Sony notches up another cool million on top of their already impressive sales numbers. I'm happy for them, as it means they will keep investing in great games and tech. It's a win for me. Also, I'm happy for MS to sell bucket loads this holiday if that's what happens. But if not, that is why I am posting, as the lack of sales does not come from lack of content but more a mind-set that has blanketed the landscape of Sony always being the best at everything, which really is not the case.

Well, outta bubbles so that's a wrap.
Happy gaming, which ever platform you choose!

SoapShoes1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@2Cents like he said it's all subjective. That is a nice list of games but not everyone will like them all and Sony has a bigger list of exclusives that is just as nice. It's all preference.

I personally can't see why anyone is bragging about X1's performance this year when it was barren of exclusives from spring to fall and that is a big reason PS4 has done better is they had exclusives sprinkled throughout the year with no massive gap spanning more than half a year. My roommate's X1 has been mostly used for games I have on my PS4 but I have been enjoying Sunset.

DoubleM701386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Yes it's that good. They have to let the games speak for themselves. All these Kats on here saying they are gamer Yeah Right ;/ I think this game needs to be played by all.

AceofStaves1386d ago

I passed on XB1 because MS doesn't have the exclusives I want to play. It's really that simple. You could write out a list of games 100 entries long, but if none of those games appeal to my preferences, it will make no difference to me. I don't have the free time to play everything, and some genres - like FPS games - I don't enjoy at all.

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miyamoto1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

PS4 is already profitable ...
so Sony can afford to lower the price even just for this holiday season. Specially now that its the Third Party Blockbuster Season I am sure the partners are cooking up some exciting gifts for the players.

BUT will Sony be able to meet the increasing demand for PS4 units even at $400????

I don't think so.

The PS4 will be sold out this holidays even at $400!!!!

There I said it.

Again its Third Party Blockbuster Season for PS4 and the First Party Exclusives take a back seat until spring time or summer.

Crash Bandicoot
September 9th, 1996

JP January 31, 1997
NA September 7, 1997

Gran Turismo
May 12, 1998

Uncharted 2
October 13, 2009

The Last of Us
June 14, 2013

This is how the PS3 was able to catch up and over take the 360. That is the winning formula.

Look it all up how all the PlayStation first party exclusives were launched through the years... That is a historical fact.

PlayStation started out as a Third Party Party console since PS One.

Third party first, First Party Exclusive second.
That is a time proven and tested tradition.
Sony does not compete with its Third Party Partners.

A stark contrast in philosophy compared to Nintendo and Microsoft.
Well to each his own. Those who see otherwise will be in for a rude awakening!

See you guys next year when the results are in.

Like I said since February 20, 2013...
The PlaySaviour 4 is revolutionizing gaming as we speak. Its gonna purge the industry and put it in proper working order of 2015 and this generation will enjoy progress, peace and order, prosperity, positivity, productivity, and most of all lots of play.

_-EDMIX-_1387d ago

LOL! Whats to disagree with? He very much is right.

Consider if PS3 keeps selling and reaches 100 million and beyond....Sony will be the only console maker that has done 100 million consoles EVERY GEN!

Something MS has never done and something Nintendo only did once.

Also consider what he is saying is very much correct in terms of releases by Sony. Nintendo a bit more so then MS has literally went up against 3rd party (why I feel Wii U is even dated hardware) to sell better.

MS has many times released their heavy hitters along side 3rd party releases (ie Halo's against CODs etc)

Sony has not really traditionally needed to fill a heavy holiday season.

ie God Of War came out in the spring.

Where he is wrong though is that releasing titles in Springs started the gen prior (PS2 era) with Sony and it really took off for them.

People have more money to spend on games and don't need to make a choice to buy it later ie (used) and 3rd parties get the space to have their titles showcased on the system without direct competition by Sony.

Sony has the largest first party, they very much can release titles this way and it worked for generations thus far.

Again....are we forgetting this company is on the verge of selling 100 million units of consoles almost every gen?

They would again be the ONLY company to do so this many times.

I would think the formula they have is working seeing how MS and Nintendo can't really say the same.

aceitman1387d ago

This stuff cracks me up. It always seems to fall on Sony no matter what. Sony being overconfident??? Y blame sony for ms making what seems to be desperate moves to sell systems. How come the article didn't state that instead. So it's just like that now . Sony is overconfident cause ms drops price and on top gives 1-2 free games. How about ms is under confident and drops price and gives 1-2 free new games .Smh it's always sonys fault no matter what. And I'm tired of people doing's ms falling let it be there fault.

OB1Biker1387d ago

Its true that M$ got to try to be more competitive but it does sound like Sony just carry on at their own pace (M$ dumped Kinect and 1TB xbone is out, maybe slimm model on way too) and the future will tell if they are right . not that Im much bothered about sells though, I guess they know what their doing with their own agenda

BlackTar1871386d ago

Could you imagine if this was ps3 and they made a price cut?

It would be the end all be all of ps3 according to US media.

it's hillarious how hypocritcal the media is.

ps3 vs Xbox
Exclusives don't matter
OMG superior XBOX game to PS3 game becasue of missing shadows or grass
in last place DOOOOOOOOOMMM

fast forward
Exclusives all that matter now
Graphics don't matter
In last place is a good thing now.

darren_poolies1387d ago

With a 6 million lead and an incredibly strong line up throughout 2015, I don't think so

joab7771387d ago over confident that they are holding a huge press conference in December. What?

FanboyKilla1387d ago

Lol a fanboy tells the truth in defense of sony, and doesnt even realize it. Their popoularity is carrying them. Not games or the console itself.

If was sony i would keep my mouth close too, and watch the unkowing people fall into the hype and popularity. Once you purchase it, sony can give a flying one what you do with it. Cha ching suckers.

Letthewookiewin1386d ago

I have way to many games on my PS4.

LamerTamer1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

I don't have the time to play all of the games on my PS4. Yes most of the ones will be multiplat but so what? Does a game need to be exclusive to be good? Is Dragon Age or GTAV suddenly worse because they are also on the xbone?

Many times what is exclusive in PS4 multiplats is that the graphics are better. Both have plenty of games so not sure where the "no games" keeps coming from.

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Mikelarry1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I am sure I read an article on here where a sony representative said they are a bit concerned about the holiday season as MS seems to have more to offer.

if they are not worried or acting worried by cutting price and offering promotions they must have data to prove this. we shall see how this plays out

Garethvk1387d ago

I guess there is much to be said for not rushing, as The Order: 1886 was planned to be their big gun this Holiday.

LeCreuset1387d ago

Tell me how

"In the second half, during the Christmas season, in markets such as the United States, our competitors will be carrying a lot of promotional activities and therefore we have to take a very conservative view of the competitive landscape"


"a sony representative said they are a bit concerned about the holiday season as MS seems to have more to offer."

Is that some sort of lost in translation thing? I guess you can just throw a link up and get agrees from people that just assume what you linked to proves your claim.

BlackTar1871386d ago


kenshiro1001386d ago

Lol, you got blown up. That's not what they said at all.

Ha, ha nice try. :D

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GribbleGrunger1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Why are we attributing 'over confidence' just because another company has showed a lack of confidence by reducing the price of their console. This mindset is completely skewed. Sony will react if it feels it needs to. Until then 'confidence' or 'over confidence' is neither here nor there. Taking an alternative standpoint in order to write an interesting article is to be commended, but completely twisting information to suit your needs, isn't. And again: It doesn't matter if the XB1 sells more consoles this Christmas. What matters is if Sony can sell what they manufacture.

And 'Far too overconfident' is tautology at it's best. You can't be 'too overconfident'. You CAN be 'too confident' though. The words prior to 'overconfident' are completely, utterly, absolutely and almost certainly, very redundant ...

Death1387d ago

Sony is not in a position to compete in a price war. Consoles sales are awesome in the eyes of the fans, but hardware typically sells at a loss. Sony can't lower the retail price without losing their small profit being made in the division. Losing momentum or marketshare to Microsoft with their aggressive pricing isn't good either, but it doesn't impact their bottom line directly. Sony can't make up the loss over the holidays with a price cut, but they can address momentum and marketshare later on when they are in a better position to do so.

GribbleGrunger1387d ago

Yep, I can agree with that.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1387d ago

PS4 is selling 3 times the amount software that Xb1 is so that comment you made isn't true at all. The Xbox One has been selling at a loss starting with the "get a free game with the purchase of a XB1 campaign and now that there's a price drop, Xbox will be losing anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars for each Xbox One sold.

Death1387d ago

Please provide some links showing the PS4 selling three times as much software. Find a link showing Microsoft losing $50-$100 on each console sold while you're at it.

Sony and Microsoft both release their financial reports to the public. My comment is based on these financial releases. Your comment is based on your gut feeling as a fan that can't take the time to back up your statements with something factual.