3DSBlessed : Preview: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate @ EGX 2014

HelenBaby writes : "Ah, Monster Hunter. A franchise I came so close to never getting into. Impressed by the screenshots in the lead up to launch I pre-ordered MH3U for launch day. However, like many newbies to the franchise I was put off by -that- demo. And hence cancelled my order. However, the game’s release led to many 3DS events being held around London in its honour. Many of which I cheekily attended, despite not owning a copy. It was a conversation with a young NintyFan (not David, another NintyFan) about how much I’d liked to see a portable World of Warcraft that led him to explain to me why I was wrong to dismiss the game and about how its qualities constituted that I had been searching for for so long. And, lo and behold, he was right! 300+ gameplay hours in and a frequent attender of the MHCUK meets throughout last year (which are still going by the way, so make sure to check them out) and I can see how wrong I was to cancel my pre-order".

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