Lords of the Fallen Review (PopBucket)

Lords of the Fallen feels like more than just a warm up act for BloodBorne and for me it’s got enough playability to stand on it’s own two feet, even if those feet are slightly overshadowed by more established franchises. It gives you a credible world to explore, tough enemies to smash in the face and an combat system which is accessible but challenging at the same time.

If you’re a person who longed to get into Dark Souls but didn’t have the patience or time to make it work for you, you’ll get on really well with Lords of the Fallen. If you’re a Dark Souls fanboy, it’s probable that you’ll have some gripes, but you’ll find enough on offer here to keep you playing through the Winter and until the next batch of DLC arrives.

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Joher1235d ago

I think not all RPG game must have character creation like in Dragon Age. For me this is good solution because we can start play in game faster:)Lords of the fallen is very good game and I think this score is nice to this game.

riverside6661229d ago

since download, until the play may be passed 5 minutes, if not less. a big plus for me because the character is already created. there is not much to choose from ahead of the game. I did not complain about the inability to change the appearance of Harkyn, enough for me to look like a badass;)