Football Manager 2015 Review | ENE3

ENE3: " The game modes are the usual, unfolding in Normal Career FM, Classic FM Career (simplified), Challenge (pre-defined) and Online Career.

At the beginning of our career we choose can assign features and other aspects to your profile, which will result in greater or lesser difficulty in being hired by other clubs. Although aspects go evolving according to our deeds and achievements, if we put our a priori with high profile aspects at the beginning of the season we can be contacted by clubs like Barcelona or Mancherter Utd to lead the team, even though we are not champions in immediately preceding year. This is very positive because it allows appeal to various types of players FM. Those who wish to progress quickly in their careers, they can put on their attributes high profile coach, and those who prefer to view your most valued work and enjoy a greater challenge, simply put the attributes and experience as neutral and work from that point. "

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