Think you know GTA V ?

After months desperately try to shed our crippling dependency on a certain trio of crooks, Rockstar only goes and checks us into the Blaine County Relapse Clinic. Bigger, bolder, better: Grand Theft Auto V on new gen.

Glimmering 1080p presentation; hugely increased draw distances; 100 new songs, fresh wildlife; a bumper version of GTA Online this is the sandbox you’ve dreamt, So put any notions of a half-baked port to bed and buckle in for take-two of the greatest sandbox story ever told.

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Jaqen_Hghar1269d ago

Excellent. Can't wait for another great updated next gen version of a game like Wind Waker HD, TLoU Remastered, and MCC. It's great to have classics updated for the new gen.

ps4fanboy1269d ago

Cannot wait as I held off for this gen version...gonna b sik.

Gravity_DoGG1269d ago

Can't hardly stand it 🎶

Blacktric1269d ago

I hope Rebel Radio gets new songs too. More Charlie Feathers and Johnny Cash would be welcome.

bauer0071269d ago

This article is ripped from OPM :L