The Witcher 3 Offers More For Gamers Who Prefer Physical Copies of the Game

Many gamers may prefer to collect physical copies of games rather than download them straight to the hard drive. However, the good ole fanfare that used to come from opening up a new game to find a glorious manual has started to fade away. Upon opening a new game nowadays, the player usually finds the disc and maybe, if they are lucky, a single download code for a free trial of Xbox Live or Playstation Plus membership. There is not much incentive to purchase a physical copy of a game unless you have the extra shelf space to spare. The Witcher 3 gives gamers who enjoy collecting physical copies of their games more of a reason to not download.

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Jaqen_Hghar1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Oh good! A man loves his physical games so this doesn't bother him at all.

vishmarx1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

an exclusive CD with the game soundtrack, unique stickers, a detailed map, and the developer-created “Witcher Universe – The Compendium.” These physical bonuses come packed in the standard edition of the game

most of this stuff is usually in collectors edition for other games. feel bad for digital guys.
and i thought TEW(hologram case, flip covers and big full color manual) was an easy choice
they just made this one a no brainer (that track in the opening video was probably worked on by jesus, had to get the ost anyway)

MAULxx1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

This is freakin awesome. In a day when everyone seems to give you the bare minimum in the game box & also cut content of the game to sell you later you have this to remind you of the way it used be & the way it still "should" be.
During this free fall we're in, moving faster & faster to a full digital future, I'm glad to see that some one still "gets it" & offers items & goodies with the game.

According to the article, there's not much reason left to purchase physical. I disagree. There are still reasons to still buy physical other than the manual & the goodies. Sell, trade, loan or give your game away. Also, you can play your game for as long as you have a working system as long as it's not Destiny or other online only games.
It surprises that so many are gamers applaud digital & are so willingly give up their rights & options that come with buying "truely" physical game discs. To me, this is one of the very strengths of owning a console & it seems that it is slowly being taken away. I fail to see how anyone could support & welcome a full digital transition. It hasn't fully transitioned yet but you can see that it has begun & is heading in that direction. Look at all the DLC, day one patches, cut content & all the games on the way that require internet connection. Net connection reliance only make our games disposable. I don't want disposable games. I guess some do but I like keeping/owning my games, having a collection I can replay in the future long term.
Think about things long term before buying & don't buy into digital & net reliant games.

Well, I've soap boxed long enough & I'll step down now.

Pikminmaniac1383d ago

You have valid points in owning a physical copy of a game. However, I think in the future, sharing/loaning a game will become possible digitally, as well as selling back a game and getting some credit on the online store. That would really push the digital only in a right direction. Until then, I am with you and will keep getting physical copies. And with this game offering what used to be standard, more reason to

annoyedgamer1383d ago

The only way digital sharing would become reality is from stiff competition from physical copies.

Once com0anies have a stonghold on a medium the con sumer slowly loses his rights. It was not long ago when both cell networks and home internet were all unlimited and prices were tumbling. But now that internet is a necessity to live, instead of prices going down and speeds going up, prices went up, speeds dropped or stagnated and caps became the norm.

AiirJordann231383d ago

Got to have the physical copy. It goes perfect for looking nice beside or on your entertainment center

Spenok1383d ago

They have always done this with their games. I'm glad they're keeping up with the tradition. Can't wait for this game.

Yetter1383d ago

me too, its a little disappointing

MasterCornholio1383d ago

Why dont you buy it in physical form?

Its not like they are forcing you to buy a digital copy and it won't kill you to buy one physical copy.

Yetter1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

@MasterCornholio Well I'd love to give you a direct response but you've blocked me for no reason. Physical copies just take up space and give me no added benefit. I don't resell or trade in my games, too much hassle for to little payoff and I prefer the convenience of being able to start any game I own without searching for the disc. I also like that I can preload it so I can start playing the minute its released instead of having to go to a gamestop.

This convenience is worth more to me than a map and a game soundtrack. Both of which will be available online

NeoGamer2321383d ago

Yep, I just don't have the space for physical games anymore.

Themap will be on the internetin digital form, same with the soundtrack probably, and same with the Compendium... The only thing you are really missing from digital version is the stickers.

Snookies121383d ago

Physical all the way. It'll go right with my copies of Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 on the shelf. That's how I like my collection.

Kingdomcome2471383d ago

I understand why some prefer digital. It undoubtedly has it's benefits. I really still enjoy building a physical collection, and it just feels more tangible. I actually enjoy going to buy the game, and talking games with the employees.

Roccetarius1383d ago

Not to mention you can always play the game, even without internet connection. Not even the PC version is bogged down by mandatory DRM, and that's one of the things i love about them.

Yetter1383d ago

Honestly, it was when I moved to my new house that I realized what a pain physical copies are. I've got boxes of games I don't play anymore. Could trade em in but they are all over a year old and therefore close to worthless. Digital copies are no hassels

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