The new PS4 Youtube sharing function

Although some users are currently reporting problems with the new share functions of the ‘Masamune’ update for the PS4, the new YouTube integration allows users to directly upload their video’s to YouTube with the use of the share button on the Dual Shock 4 controller.

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GribbleGrunger1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I'm a bit confused by the supposed problems with the Shareplay function. From what I've been reading on forums, the only real problem has been sleep mode. Anybody reporting they can't use Shareplay properly have a bad download or upload speed. I hosted a Shareplay session with a 1.9mbs up speed and it worked fine, so those reporting problems clearly have a terrible internet provider.

This is actually a problem for Sony and it always was going to be. It's the same with PSNow. It doesn't matter how many times Sony inform people that you need a certain bandwidth, you'll always get people writing articles about how this or that doesn't work. How many of those people are going to actually look into their broadband provider or even acknowledge that they have a terrible internet connection? This calls for honesty and knowledge and let's face it, there's a large portion of the media that feed off bad press, so it's unlikely that honesty will eventually prevail ... and knowledge? Ah, who cares, hits pay bills.

knickstr1384d ago

According to playstation network test I have 3 mbps upload and 20 down. When I try to host it says my connection is too slow. Have a friend that can host with 1.5 mbps upload just fine.

Spenok1383d ago

This exactly. I know so many people who have terrible connections and don't even know it. OR, they don't even know what internet speeds are. I try to tell them I have "This" MBPS or "That" MBPS, and most respond with, "You're talking giberish to me man. It's sad that this day and age, where most people have things like smartphones, with a perpetual internet connection, and they have no idea about internet speeds, and what's necessary for what. Such as playing games and downloading things.

VER1ON1385d ago


There seems to be something wrong with the youtube sharing function on the PS4 - for me it won;t allow uploads to a custom youtube channel. I tried uploading it to my main google account and this worked without any problems. The selfmade channels are a different stories though.


GribbleGrunger1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Have you tried this? It doesn't work for everyone and I'm not sure it will sort your particular problem but it's worth a try.

Goto Google in a browser and security in account settings.

Under account permissions select "apps and websites", find PSN and select "Revoke Access."

You should now be able to log in on your PS4.

And I'm not suggesting the article is wrong when it comes to Youtube, I just think the mention of Shareplay is a bit misleading. Shareplay -- as in sharing a game -- works perfectly for anyone with a capable broadband.

uth111384d ago

I made a custom channel for my game vids too. I had been wondering if the PS4 would support that.

Mikelarry1385d ago

Has this been fixed because since the update was release any time I try to add my youtube account I get random error messages. I truly believe Sony needs to start doing beta previews with the public as this would benefit them finding out issues with the updates they release

VER1ON1384d ago

I tried it at home yesterday and I still get random errors. Seems it has something to do with psn access to the youtube channel.

VER1ON1384d ago

Update : the youtube integration with psn seems to be working now. Youtube now grants access to PSN and uploads to my custom YouTUbe channel seem to work.