Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review - Giantbomb

"Advanced Warfare's increased focus on player mobility makes a huge impact that freshens up the action and, in some ways, makes every other game in the franchise feel obsolete by comparison. "

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TripC501210d ago

This comment section is off to a good start...

I personally think Kevin Spacey should be in all video games to give at least one random monologue.

Agent20091210d ago

I'd like to see more celebrities in general. It really is a big plus for a video game if it has not only a voice, but also a full facial and body performance, from your favourite actor. Kojima's idea to place Norman Reedus as a protagonist of the Silent Hills blew my mind.

caseh1210d ago

Problem with the Norman Reedus thing for me is I've only seen him in Walking Dead. If he's anything less than a total badass then for me, it could be a bit disappointing.

amnalehu1210d ago

I don't really care too much about game reviews; especially this year. There have been so many games that have gotten mediocre to bad scores that I really enjoyed that I really don't trust reviews anymore. However Giant Bomb is one of the few gaming sites that seem to give pretty honest reviews. I'll probably give this game a chance now.