Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review | EGM

If Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s storytelling ambitions disappoint, the same can’t be said of the upgrades to gameplay. In both campaign and single-player, the exoskeleton and other futuristic gadgetry breathe new life into a franchise that seemed increasingly trapped in the shadow of the original Modern Warfare.

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ritsuka6661271d ago

Stupid gaming journalist these days, ruining gaming as a whole. This game don't deserve this high score.

DanteVFenris6661271d ago

I agree. Cod finally adds one new mechanic(double jump) and people are calling it the most innovative thing... Couph... Couph borderlands presequel, crysis, destiny, titan fall. It's still copy and paste people. Look through your fanboy googles all they really did was add a few things that crisis had years ago. Double jump, it's sad that's what it takes for cod to be called innovative again