GameTrailers Review - Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Warfare has evolved! New Exo-suit abilities have changed the franchise for the better. Here’s our official grade of Sledgehammer’s combat performance.

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vishmarx1381d ago

damn its like every cod game gets the same score
its always mid 8s or early 9s.

TheWackyMan1381d ago

At least in this instance, gametrailers gave ghosts a 7. Advanced warfare seems to be getting higher overall scores across the board.

Cartmans1380d ago

I love how AW is all about winning instead of people camping around getting there kills up. YOU WILL DIE A LOT IN AW

3-4-51379d ago

The people complaining are basically those who don't want to adapt.

In Titanfall, you adapt or you don't get better.

In Destiny, you adapt with the movements or you don't get better.

In COD:AW, you adapt to the movements or you will not improve.

Took me about 4-5 rounds to really understand the full use of the exo, and even then I'm still "mastering" it, but I've got a good grasp on how to use it tactically now.

Utalkin2me1379d ago


Game is littered with campers. Couldnt tell you how many times i have died from peoeple crouched ads'ing.

caseh1379d ago

You say that like it's come as a surprise. :)

chaldo1379d ago

Every game has campers. Even the Last of Us.

While I was a CoD hater, I decided to pick up AW to give it a shot. My thoughts a couple hours in - It's actually pretty good compared to Ghosts. The campaign is probably short, but you can tell they actually put a lot of time in the characters and level design.

The multiplayer is a bit different finally compared to the past 5 CoD's. They added a bit of spice to it while trying to maintain some similarities from the previous games.

So far so good.

famoussasjohn1379d ago

Ghosts trained them to be campers, unless of course they are going for the assignment for kills when prone, though I did find a lot of people hiding in a corner throughout the match in the same spot. So damn annoying.

DarkLord10031379d ago

AW is the best COD since BO 1

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