Sunset Overdrive debuts second in UK chart - FIFA 15 top, Farming Simulator ploughs in at 25th

"Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive has scored a second place entry into the UK top 40.

It couldn't threaten FIFA 15 at the top of the chart, which was first again for a sixth consecutive week.

WWE 2K15 arrived in fifth place, while Lords of the Fallen entered in 11th - although PC digital sales are not counted by UK numbers company Chart-Track.

The boxed copy of Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 2 turned up in 25th, ahead of Season 1 in 38th."

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christocolus1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Nice. Not surprised one bit.its selling well in the states too. The game is so much fun and as a fan of insomniacs past work i found SSO to be very addictive. Insomniac needs to stick to what they do best.they excel that way.

Old and new xbox one owners need to pick this and FH2 up. Im sure a lot of insomniac fans will also want to try this out. You all should. Its a great game.

Lawboy21270d ago

Picked it up...waiting for my copy to arrive today...took a whole week for it to ship....I'll be on COD AW until then...also played fh2 enjoyed my time on it....can't wait for Tuesday next week though....halo

christocolus1270d ago

Halo and COD:AW will sell alot of xbox ones even SSO is doing its own bit. This holliday has some really great games i cant even begin to imagine how crazy next holliday will be.. Halo5, Tomb Raider, QB, maybe Scale.B, a new Rare i.p etc and im almost certain there will be another COD and assasins creed game planned for next holliday.

green1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Huh!!! Is Halo: MCC out next week? :-(

Edit: oh sh*t it is. I might have to push my purchase of Halo MCC to the end of the month to give me more time to finish Sunset Overdrive and FH2.

donthate1270d ago

It seems like we are getting a slew of quality games on Xbox One this holiday:

Forza Horizon 2
Sunset Overdrive
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (surprise!)
Halo:MCC (I'm expecting considering the amount of effort and known game content/play mechanic)

Why o why1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Well done to insomniac and sunset overdrive and well done to ms for a shrewd move.. paid off in bringing extra quality to the early library. I would of liked that game on the ps for sure.

user55757081270d ago

huh farming that where i get thrown in a chinese jail and taught how to gold farm

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Foehammer1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Congrats to Insomniac on a great game and a great debut.

Good to see Forza Horizon 2 still doing well, #1 for individual formats.

Guess we know what racer has legs now.

lelo2play1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Sunset Overdrive was first in individual formats. Not bad at all...

Congrats to Insomniac.

Pity about Bayonetta 2, not on the top 40. 3rd party don't do well on the WiiU.

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2cents1270d ago

I actually think this is the first game that is good enough to buy an Xbox One for, what do they call it... oh yeah, a 'system seller'.

I really had that felling of playing something totally new, there really is a sense of style and flair depending on how you play. Once in a groove, man, this game is like butter on a hot knife.

SSOD best new IP of the Year! IMO

ABizzel11270d ago

I though this was great at first, because I though this was EU numbers and saw it came in 2nd after Fifa.

But am I the only one missing something here, because I realized it was UK only sales, and saw that it was compared to Fifa sales 6 weeks later, which was at best 100k across all 4 week 4, so it means SO was less than 100k.

vega2751270d ago

Thats pretty good for a game that just released on the 28th.

christocolus1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Yes i kind of think you are the only one over analyzing this.This is a new ip and its doing quite well in that region also, i remember seeing some articles and even gamer comments downplaying this game prior to its release. When it comes to xbox exclusives you guys tend to over analyse sales and criticize alot.

why do you guys even bother? Theres no need trying to spin negativity into this.the game is clearly selling well and not just in the UK alone but in the US too and being no2 in this chart and no 1 in the individual charts is great news for MS and Insomniac.

ABizzel11270d ago


It's decent, but the good news is that it's only the individual game sales, and console bundles aren't included, so sales should be a bit higher if you include the console bundles. It also good that this is simply 1 region, and not all of EU (even though the UK is probably the biggest single EU game market).


Now it's time to deck somebody. This comment was a bit rougher than this re-type, but that's only out of the bit of respect I have for you, for generally keeping things classy.

First off I was simply pointing out the fact that the article makes it seems as if sales are much higher than they really are (and I like Eurogamer), but in reality the sales aren't nearly as good as the headline alone would have you believe.

Most people don't read the article or the information below the headline, and for those that didn't just hearing "SO debuts at second in UK chart after Fifa" (with Fifa being a huge seller in EU) makes it sound like it sold well / good / great / etc...

But when you read more you realize that it placed 2nd after Fifa which is now in it's 6th week on the charts (aka a month and a half later), and in it's 4th week (aka a month later) Fifa didn't even break the 100k sales mark combining all 4 consoles which means SO is at best 90k range but more than likely 70k - 80k (considering Fifa was 90k range 2 weeks prior to these sales).

That's not what I would call a huge success.

I've never downplayed the game once, and the only people I've seen "downplaying the game" are Xbox fans who don't get Insomniac, and PlayStation gamers bitter at the fact that it's and Xbox eclusive. SO is basically open world Ratchet and Clank, with 8 player co-op, and more grinding so most PS fans already knew it would be a good game.

"When it comes to xbox exclusives you guys tend to over analyse sales and criticize alot."

But this is a sales article. What else are we suppose to talk about without getting marked for being off topic? You're mad, because I came up with a number and put things in perspective, rather than the ambiguous it came in second and only lost to Fifa. There's nothing negative about my comment, or anything every regarding SO or the XBO for that matter (which I've said and proven countless times I have, along with a PS4, a Wii U, a high end PC, a 2DS, and a Vita). It's just 100% reality and my opinion on the matter, and if you don't like it skim pass it.

You're one of the few full out Xbox-only fans that I have no problem with (the same goes for a few of the Nintendo-only and PS-only fans on here), and tolerate simply because you stick to the xbox articles, and you try to promote Xbox positively without attacking any of the other platforms.

However, if you come for me, you better believe I'm coming back. So we can both end it here and move on, or we can continue. Your choice.

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SuperLupe1270d ago

Nice to see FH2 still up there.

mcstorm1270d ago

I agree FH2 looks like it has legs. I wonder where DC is now as it looks like this game will not have the legs Horizon 2 has which is a shame as I want to see racing games do well this gen.

Great to see sunset hit number 2 and I really hope the exclusives on all 3 do well this xmas against the big name 3rd parry big names.

Halo Collecting is out next week and it will be interesting to see if it can make number 1 in the UK and US and if it can hold off games like cod and fifa.

green1270d ago

In the individual format chart, Forza Horizon 2 (X1 edition) is at number 7 and Driveclub is at 14. I would guess that the troubled launch of Driveclub is what is making it drop quickly off the chart.

mcstorm1270d ago

@Green yeah I would agree with that. Good to see Horizon 2 jump up the charts this week too as so far its my game of the year.

GodGinrai1270d ago

Bought my copy on saturday ( along with some turtle beach stealth 500Xs and my halo Pre order) Gonna get into it a little later tonite. But first...Day zero, double XP on my new 1TB xbox!

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danowat1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Well deserved for Sunset Overdrive, it's a fantastic game.

Going by what I've read in various places (Neogaf/Reddit etc), it's been a system seller too.

Afterlife1270d ago

Releasing it 1 week before Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was a bad idea. Next weeks, UK sales chart will be interesting.

GodGinrai1270d ago

Well, I have both. Nothing could keep from SSO! I dont think COD will hurt it one bit. Plenty of room for both in any xbox owners collection. two different games, at that.

ABizzel11270d ago


Optimism is nice, but reality will strike. COD simply crushes anything that's not an established IP releasing around he same time as it, and while SO may be a good game in it's own right, it doesn't have the immediate mass appeal of something like COD, Halo, etc... on the XB.

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