Pressurecast Ep. 50: Sony Should Fear the $350 Xbox One

This week on the Pressurecast, Microsoft gets serious with a $50 Xbox One price cut for this holiday season. Should Sony be afraid? Absolutely.

And Sony remains in the red, the Wii U picks up steam, a slim Xbox One could be coming, Prey 2 is officially cancelled, OnLive expands, Capcom continues to struggle, Valkyria Chronicles hits PC, PS4 Update 2.0 continues to cause issues, Driveclub is still in the ditch, and much more!

Plus, Colin and Brian give their impressions of the week’s newest games, including Sunset Overdrive, Lords of the Fallen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze, NBA Live ’15, and MX vs. ATV: Supercross.

Everything happening in the world of gaming is here, now, on this week’s PRESSURECAST!

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stonecold31504d ago

ps4 is selling well at it price point i dont see sony has to fear anything it got the games exclusives and mulitplatform to back it all up .

Lightning Mr Bubbles1504d ago

Yeah, as a Playstation fanboy, I don't like this one bit. PS4 should also be at $350.00, take the loss, who cares just keep knocking the XBOX One out of the water.

XBOX One is taking the cheap way of trying to get back into the race, by selling their console for less than PS4. I say don't let them get away that.

Xbox One launched at $499 and now it's selling for $349, so obviously things haven't been going their way.

xHeavYx1504d ago

Uh, first of all, the $350 is a price cut for the holidays only, second, there is no reason for Sony to cut the price of the PS4, as they are dominating the One in sales everywhere

DigitalHope1504d ago

Biggest online retailer is selling ps4 at 350 is it not?

FITgamer1504d ago

I don't think they should do a price cut. If anything offer a $399 bundle. It's highly unlikely Microsoft will make up the million + gap in U.S. in the next two months. Also the PS4 is still dominating the rest of the world. Price cut is unnecessary.

ger23961504d ago

Why? It's selling just fine at it's current price. The $350 price for Xbox 1 is for the holidays. Although if it doesn't sell well during the holidays, it might be a permanent price cut. If that happens, Sony will have to evaluate their pricing strategy.

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TheWatercooler1504d ago

Sony doesn't have to fear anything with the word xbox in it.

They just need to do what they are doing because they are killing it

breakpad1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

the only thing that Sony has to fear is themselves...they must correct ASAP firm2.0 and Driveclub

WackoDaSniper1504d ago

no because anyone with a brain isnt gonna buy a console just cuz its cheaper theyre gonna buy the more powerful one

qwerty6761504d ago

not really, most average consumers dont care about that stuff.

Spotie1504d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

You got something to back up that claim?

Last I checked, whenever something with measurable power is being advertised, the advantage in power over its competitors is noted.

For example:

Let's not pretend this isn't happening with pretty much every applicable product. And "average" consumers hear these things quite frequently.

Oh, and they care. They want the most towing, the most horsepower, the fastest RAM, the most suction, the most efficient cleaning time. Whatever it is, the average consumer still wants the best. Even if they can't necessarily afford it.

Saying they don't care is just a convenient excuse.

Edit: Also, not seeing why Sony should fear the XB1 at all, currently. Except maybe as an example of how NOT to launch a console. IF the price gains the XB1 a significant amount of traction- and it'd have to be A LOT, given how far behind it is right now- Sony can rather easily drop the price. They're already making a profit on each console, or are very close to it. And their software sales are pretty good, to boot.

People keep talking about all the money Microsoft has that Sony doesn't have; in their daydreaming, I guess they forgot that all that money isn't at the Xbox division's disposal. Xbox is limited in the losses it can take in a way that PlayStation is not.

And yes, while Xbox MAY be making more money than PlayStation(though I doubt this highly), it's not nearly as important to Microsoft as a whole as PlayStation is to Sony. So it would be easier from a business standpoint to let go of Xbox than the PS brand.

Edit: I'd say not to be stupid, Death, but I don't want you to push yourself.

I said they care. I didn't say it was the ONLY thing consumers care about. I didn't even say it was the MAIN thing they care about. Obviously, if a potential customer has certain games in mind, or certain people they want to play with, that will have an effect on which console they decide to buy. But you're a lying sack of horse poop if you're actually sitting there intimating that Xbox fans wouldn't rather have a more powerful console right along with the games they want most; the same for Wii U fans.

If I had my pick, a Lotus Elise 111R would be right near the top of my list of most wanted cars; that doesn't mean I don't wish it had even better performance.

That would be stupid.

Death1504d ago


What if someone wants the best racing game out? What if they want the biggest exclusive FPS in a nice collection? What if they want a more refined and robust online service? What if they want the console their friends have? What if they want the best price? The best is different for everyone.

If you want the fastest RAM and the most expensive console, the PS4 is definitely the way to go. The biggest indie selection is another thing the PS4 can boast. Most sales too. It really depends on what you are looking for out of a console.

If you want to play Sunset Overdrive, the Master Chief Collection, either Forza, and the biggest multiplatforms out there you can only do that on Xbox.

If Little Big Planet, Killzone, Infamous, and the upcoming GT and Uncharted releases are your thing along with the same multiplats, the PS4 is the way to go.

Thinking "power" trumps these things is silly.

miyamoto1504d ago

Aww...PS4 market and players are not average consumers nor casual gamers. The core gamer market, dude.

Nice try but Xbox One is targeted at the same market yet they don't buy M$' console. This is why M$ is hiding XBone's sales figures behind the Xbox 360's skirt. FYI

Ju1504d ago

"and the biggest multiplatforms out there you can only do that on Xbox. " o'rly?

DigitalRaptor1504d ago

I'll agree. History has shown the direct opposite to be true about power vs. popularity.

Sony have played this gen remarkably smart so far. They marketed the PS4 as "the world's most powerful console", and #resolutiongate has a really big Internet presence, so there will always be an element of Sony's marketing and brand perception going forward about them having the most powerful console and the better looking and performing games, but it's really their brand's global strength that means it will continue to sell the most.

Having the most games, more power, and more diversity in their lineup of games will really only add to the strength of the brand.

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Death1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I have both an Xbox One and PS4. Both have their pros and cons. People will buy the console that plays the most games they want to play. If they see the same games on both systems that interest them, price will come next.

Think about your price point position for a moment. PC GPU's range between $50 to $1000. You can play the Sims 4 with any of the cards in this range. People with a brain buy these GPU's all across the pricing spectrum. Currently you can trade in any PS3 or Xbox 360 and get an Xbox One for $250 at the Microsoft store. You can get free games too. For $150 more you can buy a PS4 with no games. Let's say you are one of those waiting for the holidays, if you are one of the lucky few that live on a budget, what is your brain going to tell you?

DrKarateChop1504d ago

I'm less concerned with our thoughts, after all we're pretty educated when it comes to video games.

Now the family member Christmas shopping at toys r us is a different story. 50 bucks more than a Wii U and 50 less than a PS4 places the Xbox right in the middle. That’s pretty compelling to the clueless parent.

This only matters because of the holiday season. The sales for each system will be the biggest so far.

Darrius Cole1504d ago

The key phrase is "with a brain". Most people simply are not smart. Most of the ones who are smart don't put much thought into which video game console is the most powerful. Most people go on hearsay, and most people will buy the cheaper one if the hearsay says that the two are similar.

Death1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

To some, games are more important than power. I'm not saying the PS4 doesn't have games, but the line up on the PS4 doesn't scream "more powerful hardware". I own Driveclub, it is a very pretty game. I've shown it to and let my friends play it when they stopped over. None of my friends with a brain felt the superficial "looks" of the game outweighed the lack of features or limited AI. This is without trying the online play which has been very inconsistent for many. Killzone is the other game I pop in to show what the PS4 can do. It's an incredibly nice visual showcase of what the system is capable of. Once again though it was eye-porn more than anything. Last up in my limited PS4 library is Destiny. It looks exactly the same on both my PS4 and Xbox One.

Everyone is different. That includes brains. Some people prefer the games on the Xbox One, others like the PS4 exclusives better. Some prefer a much more robust and refined online experience. Some don't mind waiting for greatness or at least see greatness differently. That's what makes us all unique. Let's not assume people that don't share our opinions don't have brains. That makes you look stupid.

Vipre771504d ago

Half of the population is below average...

Darkwatchman1504d ago

I own a ps4 and now with the price cut, I'm getting the Xbox one with the master chief collection and sunset overdrive

Anon19741504d ago

"no because anyone with a brain isnt gonna buy a console just cuz its cheaper theyre gonna buy the more powerful one"

What about the Wii? People didn't snap it up because it was the more powerful console. It had a good gimmick and it was cheaper. It's not always about power.

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Christopher1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

They should only fear it if MS keeps it at that price. In which case, Sony will then lower the price of their console to match it.

As it is, it's only one month. If MS sells 7m in that one month due to the price cut, well, that would be phenomenal!

Infamous2981504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Even the Xbox one with two bundled games and promotional stuff for it couldn't outsell the PS4. Xbox one sales will increase with that price cut but i dont think it will outsell the PS4.

jrshankill1504d ago

Sony can't lower the PS4 any lower at the minute. They can't afford to. If they could, don't you think they would have announced a holiday price drop?

Christopher1504d ago

Sony surely can since the majority of their profit comes from video game sales and they are already making a lot more profit from their console than MS is on theirs. If MS decided to remain at the $350 price tag (no free game, obviously), Sony could easily follow suit to remain competitive and maintain a market share lead, which in turn leads to more games sold for their console, which then means more money.

Death1504d ago

Sony made 200 million in profit the last quarter in video games. This was on 2.8 billion in revenue in the same division.

To put this in perspective, their Imaging division which houses cameras made 184 million on sales of only 1.6 billion.

Devices made 271 million on sales of 2.2 billion.

Financial services made 437 million on 2.4 billion in revenue.

You can check out last quarters results here,

Only fans see Playstation as being the majority of Sony's business. In reality it is a relatively small segment with one of the lowest profit margins.

Christopher1504d ago

***Only fans see Playstation as being the majority of Sony's business. In reality it is a relatively small segment with one of the lowest profit margins.***

And yet it is the fastest building revenue element they have in the last year with the greatest increase in revenue from the same quarter from the year before.

The reason for the low profit is due to investment in the various elements upon which PS4 relies. Investments that are to support the long-life of the device and its features. Meaning you won't be seeing similar profit issues going forward.

Also, just because it's only $200m in profits doesn't mean that they can't lose the profits of the consoles considering the mass majority of profits they do receive are from video games and accessories and not the console itself.

tl;dr I don't disagree with you, but what you presented doesn't change the fact that Sony can do a price drop to match MS and still maintain the profit they have, if not grow it.

V0LT1504d ago

I really wouldn't expect MS to raise the price up $50 when the promo ends. I'm sure it's here to stay.

DualWielding1503d ago

yah but surely lot of people would fall for it and rush to buy an Xbox One out of fear it'll be 50 dollars more if they don't buy it during this holidays

Manic20141504d ago

Actually I belive its for two months.

Sweep141504d ago

and that's exactly what MS will do. They will very probably not re-increase the price after christmas season

DigitalRaptor1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

They have nothing to fear PERIOD.

- Years of having a significantly cheaper SKU than PS3's cheapest SKU.
- Several years of multimillion selling Halo games.
- A year's head start over the PS3
- All the negative attention you remember the PS3 being at the receiving end of.

And PS3 still sold faster the the 360 year-on-year and eventually caught up on an 8 million unit lead. PS4 is killing it, and a price cut will not worry them in the slightest, since even with minimal effort, they will still be killing it. But they do need to hold fast, and not simply cruise with it.

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Masterchief_thegoat1504d ago

wii u need to fear xbox one is coming for the number 2 spot

vikingland11504d ago

I don't see PS4 slowing down any time soon. But a $350 XB1 should help MS.

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