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"COD: AW is another stubborn reminder that the franchise is just simply unwilling to budge from the status quo, no matter how radical the premise and setting of the game"

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Razorus1383d ago

About what I expected tbh!

Septic1383d ago

I feel rather foolish for allowing myself to get hyped up (yet again!) for this. I don't get the scores and opinions of others calling this the best COD game in years. If that truly is the case, then its an indictment on the COD franchise of late.

Farsendor11383d ago

I haven't played a COD title since mw3 and the was for the single player only. I think I might have put 30 minutes into the multiplayer.

From what I have seen a lot of people that like this game are the ones that gave the franchise a break. That is what i'm seeing on game sites and forums anyways.

Sashamaz1383d ago

What kind of change do people expect it's not like the multitudes of other games out there give that much if any changes at all.

MasterCornholio1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Never let hype dull your common sense. Its OK gTo get excited but remember many times hype causes a game to have a titantic fall from extremely high expectations.

3-4-51382d ago

Not sure what this person saw, I'm loving the game so far.

"COD: AW is another stubborn reminder that the franchise is just simply unwilling to budge from the status quo, no matter how radical the premise and setting of the game"

??? What ?

It Literally DID change the game. More so than any other in the series except for COD4:MW.

* It's the most fun COD I've played since MW2/BO

SuperDan-Dare1383d ago

I wonder whether the reason they've not changed much is because while it is a tired model for some, it is a model that works. A model that is financially successful. I mean you can't deny you know when your playing a COD game by the way it handles, plays and is set up. Same goes for games like Battlefield. My biggest frustration with CoD was the whole 'I shot you first, but died anyway' problem. If that's still there - not buying.

objdadon1383d ago

Oh it's changed a whole hell of a lot this time and so far I can't stand it!! Cod is a game that doesn't need to reinvent the wheel! Just work on perfecting the formula, ghost and now this has really turned me away. Destiny has won me over this year!

DeadlyOreo1383d ago

Lol, Destiny is boring as hell, after a week I had done everything at least 3 times, and it was a matter of grinding for better versions of the same gear and guns. This looks a hell of a lot more fun than that, everyone on the Twitch streams say it's great and nothing close to Ghosts. Cod did need to change, almost everyone was asking for a change.

dreamed1383d ago

This is the what im always saying,its popularity has caused the homogenisation of all genres,into a brown/grey mess.

The sooner it dies a death the more diverse the industry will become....imo

Volkama1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Does the multiplayer level design lend itself to the exo suit in the same way that a Titanfall level is so clearly designed for wall running? Is the act of getting from A to B fun?

Septic1383d ago

Not really. Sledgehammer have taken the blunt force approach with this and checked in some vertical elements on a few maps but really, most of the time you're standing on a rooftop of a building.

Titanfall's maps were FAR MORE inline with the wall running abilities. In fact, with COD: AW, you get the impression that a lot of the maps would have existed in the same way without the Exo suit anyway.

KevinCubes1383d ago

Master chief collection around the corner and with the recent price drop of the xbone.
Sony's slogan "greatness awaits"
Microsoft: greatness is here

Septic1383d ago


What on Earth does The Master Chief collection have to do with this topic? This is a review for COD: AW?

sourav931383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

I'm going to let myself be the judge. My last CoD game was MW3 (bargain bin). This CoD actually looks different and fresh. So I'm looking forward to it.

Funny how any website giving the game a good review, and they are apparently biased and just hyping it up. But any website giving it a mediocre/bad review, suddenly they are the true journalists.

Predaking771383d ago

Well I will play it anyway. Destiny got me stuck on level 29 and refuses to give me any armor so I have nothing to do in Destiny. I'm going COD now.