GamesBeat review: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a next-gen showcase — and it’s subversive too

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi takes a look at Sledgehammer Games' take on Call of Duty in the future.

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ColManischewitz1381d ago

I never though we'd see "subversive" in a headline for Call of Duty.

IAmNotAMonster1381d ago

"I’ve played 53 minutes of multiplayer so far, and I’ve gotten 33 kills, but my kill/death ratio is 0.26, so I’ve got around 120 deaths. That’s not good, but it shows you what the online battlefield is like."

This is by far my favorite description of online CoD. Well done.

darkronin2291381d ago

Did anyone else feel like this year's Call of Duty release just snuck up on them? I've seen the TV/online ads dozens of times, but I guess I just never payed attention to them.