Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 vs Xbox One Head2Head

Watch a new graphics comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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Ka7be1267d ago

The PS4 version is brighter and a little bit sharper than the X1 version.

decrypt1267d ago

Both the PCs look about the same.

NewMonday1266d ago

PS4 also has better AA, that is becoming a trend

and the crushed blacks are a consistent problem with XB1, so dark

bouzebbal1266d ago

PS4 could have a better resolution because i can notice more things in the background

starrman19851266d ago

At 2:55 seconds you can see that both games look very similar, will both be awesome fun and that these comparison videos are getting tiresome! You have to look really hard though, it's not an easy spot!

DeadRabbits1266d ago

To feck with the Visuals I'm playing my games in German now, sounds so much more hard arse!

lsujester1266d ago

And it's COD, so you won't actually miss anything in the story by not understanding what they say.

RedDevils1266d ago

It's COD, you just blow people head off if they're in your way, is not like it a puzzle/strategy game where you need some understanding to progress

Magicite1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I need 100 inc TV to tell difference.
But PS4 got better blacks and better textures due to higher resolution.

SonofGod1266d ago

What has that got to do with resolution? I think you mean texture resolution, but they are the same.

Interestingly though, on 3:20 you can clearly see that PS4 is lacking shadows. Look on the ammo belt and on the guy's face.

SonofGod1266d ago

At 3:20 you can see the PS4 version is lacking shadows. Look at the gun belt and his face.

TheRedButterfly1266d ago

lol @ disagrees. Apparently people have a problem with facts. (N4G... Big surprise.)



16bitNutritionist1266d ago

You can clearly see that on the PS4 version the shadows are lacking big time, makes the X0 version seem a lot more better. I suppose coz the PS4 is getting bashed though then it's the end of the world, according to N4G community... Gone down hill this place big time.

ziggurcat1266d ago

@redbutterfly & sonofgod:

that's not a lack of shadow on the PS4, that's the xbone crushing the blacks because of the wrong rgb setting.

SonofGod1266d ago


Are you blind?

It has nothing to do with crushed blacks, the shadows are completely missing on the PS4 version. Look at his neck and his grenade launcher belt:

ABizzel11266d ago


I would agree, but that pic is from different angles. In the PS4 footage the light is hitting his face, which is why there aren't shadows on the face, which makes sense as to why there aren't shadows on the grenade belt.

On the XBO pic the light is on the right side of his face which is why there are shadows on the left side, and as a result the grenades have the appropriate shadows.

And to be quite frank the shadows shouldn't be that dark to begin with.

Christopher1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I'm not seeing what you're seeing except on that belt. Everywhere else it looks normal. But, I do see the missing shadow on that belt.

It's not like all shadows are missing. Seems like an anomaly. Not the norm.

The XBO definitely suffers from darkness issues.

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fr0sty1266d ago

The XO cap was taken at a different time than the PS4 cap, the two were offset by a few seconds. Show me 2 side by side caps taken at the exact same moment, then we'll talk.

DevilOgreFish1266d ago

from the looks of it, the shadows are missing under the grenade pack in the ps4 version.

that's what i'm seeing.

LamerTamer1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

That is pretty bad, it is like they forgot to add them in. Something like this is not common so not sure what went wrong.

I guess X1 wins one for shadows.

nugchuggle1266d ago

are you people blind, or just stupid? the screen caps were not taken from the same moment of the cutscene.

His mouth is open in the left shot, and closed on the right. the light shining is different. PS4 is not lacking shadows. If you wanna talk facts, talk resolution. Xbox One's minimum 1360x1080 and PS4's full 1920x1080. fact.

marioJP871266d ago

Yeah, X1 definitely wins this one as far as the shadows:

Neutro1266d ago

WTF... did you guys seriously just missed the mix up right at the start?? Pause at the :10 second mark and what do you see? Square button prompt on the right and X button prompt on the left, even though it says PS4 on the left and Xbox one on the right... pretty shady stuff if you ask me. Somebody get to the bottom of this.

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ZombieKiller1266d ago

I'm pretty impressed with the graphics despite the console. I think these graphics are incredible, that campaign looks awesome!

Both will have their strengths, but good job to SHG on their first COD title!

HammadTheBeast1266d ago

Honestly, who cares, it's CoD, you never play it for the graphics anyways.

ovnipc1266d ago

Oh so now graphics don't matter, so for the last year all the trolling you did about the x1 graphics now out does not matter. Because now you are on the other side of the gun. Be fair give it to who deserves it. And this time its the Xbox one.

RedDevils1266d ago

lol which time is the xbox 1 anyway, it still worst than PS4

HammadTheBeast1265d ago


I'm sure we ALL know by now that PS4 is graphically superior to the Xbox One, that is a fact.

Now, if you wanna disagree with facts, that's your problem, but it's safe to say any disparity between the two is not a result of the PS4 hardware lacking as compared to XBO.

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illAmpRefugee1266d ago

i can hardly see a difference can't tell unless ur running the game side by side... btw i think the dude needs to change his hdmi output on the ps4 to full not auto wich is the default setting unless u change it in the ps4 settings. and trust me it makes a huge fucking difference if u change ur ps4's hdmi setting from auto to full. full look way better

gamer4lifeyo1266d ago

It does, I changed that recently. You could tell right away just from navigating the UI. Colors are more vibrant.

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ManiacMansion1267d ago

They both look the same to me.

Waiting for the DigitalFoundary comparison to see the FPS!

Eonjay1267d ago

They better be taking advantage of YouTube's 60 FPS playback.

esemce1267d ago

They will I'm sure, ive been waiting for their verdict so I can choose between the PS4 and recently purchased Xbone.

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morganfell1266d ago

Unless Youtube ups its bitrate there will still be issues and a misrepresentation on any console or PC. Its why I upload my personal vids to Gamersyde.

sigfredod1266d ago

The black crush attacks again, you can notice the loss of detail in several scenes on the xbone

jspsc1231266d ago

it doesnt strike again. its always striking. the gamma curve on the xbox one is not 2.2 like most devices.

gangsta_red1266d ago

Lol, I am surprised we haven't heard more of the insaneness that is "crushed blacks" from the sony camp.

ziggurcat1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )


because it's not the fault of the console, it's people having the wrong RGB mode setting.

windblowsagain1267d ago

PS4 has higher rez. Xb1's has dynamic rez.

That's why it looks better.

ManiacMansion1267d ago

We dont know anything right now about the res. in SP

Dynamic can also mean 1080p in single player and 900p in Multiplayer (as confirmed for MP)

Kosmacz1267d ago

"The Xbox One version of first-person shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare outputs at a resolution of at least 1360x1080, developer Sledgehammer has said.

On Xbox One, the resolution dynamically scales up to full 1080p, Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey said in a Reddit AMA.

That, he pointed out, makes for a 50 per cent increase on last year's game, Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts.

On PlayStation 4 Advanced Warfare runs at a native 1080p resolution.

Both versions output at 60 frames-per-second, as is standard with Call of Duty games.

Analysis from Digital Foundry will be published soon."

ManiacMansion1267d ago

@ Kosmacz, thx for the info :)

mark3214uk1266d ago

i think with all this resolution gate ppl forget that the graphical difference is not just because of the resolution its also because the x1 is the weaker console, so if ms do find a way to resolve the resolution theres always going to be issues because it is the weaker console

redwin1266d ago

With Call of Duty, I rather go with the must robust xbone's online service instead of the weaker Sony online service.

xxmagicmanx1266d ago

Well the ps4 version is in the weaker network and that's matters in multiplayer

DVS-Zev1266d ago Show
redwin1266d ago

@DVS, I actually agree with you, the Xbox is a powerful machine but not as powerful as ps4. But when it comes to online, just say it. MS is a more reliable service.

VegasDawg1266d ago

You do know the Ps4 and X1 are nearly identical only the ram is different? They have the same exact gpu only the X1 is overclocked.

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higgins781267d ago

Side by side - under a microscope, very, VERY small differences. In reality, on ground level, each version just as playable. Its certainly not like the PS3/360 days in which games like Bayonetta (PS3) and The Orange Box (PS3) were shockingly inferior (almost broken) to the 360 versions of each...and I say this as a PS1, 2, 3 and now 4 owner.

Kribwalker1266d ago

Look at all the disagrees. People don't wanna hear the truth you speak

sovkhan1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Because there was no thruth in the post in the first place... Too blind to notice??

The truth is that the majority of the supposed superior multiplats on X360 were merely some minor effects here, some more foliage there and that eventually you needed a microsocope to see 'em.

Now with 50% more pixels the same ppl that brag about "superiors" last gen are, all of sudden, incapable of noticing the differences...How convenient!!!

This is the truth and therefore the disagrees

1266d ago
Spenok1266d ago

Pretty much. These comparisons get ridiculous sometimes. However, people like to see the differences.

Mechanism1267d ago

Wow? You not used to them looking similar, huh?