'Alien: Isolation' Succeeds By Emphasizing Survival, Not Horror

Forbes: Alien: Isolation exists as both a video game based on the iconic Alien universe, and official canon taking place between Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic and James Cameron’s 1986 sequel. “Alien” and “Aliens” are tonally different films, and Alien: Isolation does a fantastic job of capturing the atmosphere of the original film. This is survival horror at its finest — it’s as much about surviving an ever-present, palpable tension as it is surviving an overpowering enemy.

Sometimes it’s about surviving your own potentially terrible instincts.

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Snookies121351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Yeah, it's hard for me to really say this is a horror game. It doesn't do scares like that, however the tension it creates from trying to survive is another matter completely. I've only watched the game, and even through watching I can feel an extreme sense of dread. Really have to congratulate the developers on that. They did a fantastic job with the Alien/Player dynamic.

Kingdomcome2471351d ago

I just finished the game a few days ago. I absolutely loved it. This game creates tension like no other. Just crossing a single room on hard feels like an accomplishment at times. Although it's not horror in the way that you typically think of horror, this game made me sweat more than P.T., Outlast, SH2, or any horror game ever has lol.